Electric Bike For The Girls / Sparta Ion Cityseat Pleasure Ride

sparta ion cityseat 03 Electric Bike For The Girls / Sparta Ion Cityseat Pleasure Ride

I am always on the look out for alternative ways to use electric motors. Big small used new, no matter, give me some electric between my legs and I am a happy monkie. Okay I stoled that line from a girl friend of mine, and she wasn’t talking about electric bikes. But she had never seen the Sparta Ion. An electric retro styled hybrid bike which would even make the coolest urban goth chick re-think their favorite electric appliance.

This hybrid electric / peddle bike with the retro details in all the right places, might just be my new favorite. Look at the back wheel with its wrap around mud guard and the clear protector over the chain. That is just screaming Portland, isn’t it. The only down side for the lazy among us, is that you have to peddle this thing. Yes, peddle an electric bike! I know, what the hell are they thinking. Don’t they know, only us lazy twig leg people are willing to fork over the big bucks to look like dorks in public. And dorks don’t want to peddle.

The Sparta used in a commercial

sparta ion cityseat 02 Electric Bike For The Girls / Sparta Ion Cityseat Pleasure Ride

(core77.com) FLEX/the INNOVATION LAB presents the new Cityseat bicycle as part of Sparta’s Ion line. Old charm looks mixed with user-friendly ergonomics and features make Cityseat a modern day classic. The Delft, Netherlands-based design team focused on rider comfort, ease of use, flexibility, and overall city adaptability. An ION electric motor located discretely near the rear wheel hub provides Cityseat with pedal assistance should the rider need a “push in the right direction,” whether over a hill, across a bridge, or against the wind.

The elongated frame joins with a low-positioned seat and forward-positioned pedals, resulting in a new posture somewhere between a recumbent bike and a true city bike. Flex and Sparta ION have released Cityseat with the intention of providing city dwellers with a convenient yet sophisticated transportation solution that ensures a “natural cycling sensation.”

sparta ion cityseat 01 Electric Bike For The Girls / Sparta Ion Cityseat Pleasure Ride

  • LIsa

    The accompanying image with the two women on the front page is simply crass. A woman's face buried between a woman's legs? I used to like this site but I'll never visit it again based on that picture alone. Get come class gliving!

  • http://gliving.com Basil

    Lisa, what is so horrible about the image? It's just a joke. Isn't there bigger things to get upset over in this world? G Living is the darker side of green.

  • jbomber

    Hahaha, I have to admit, I was a bit taken aback by the image too. it's certainly a little off-color, but I think Basil might be right.It's just a joke, but perhaps not one that the readers would necessarily come to expect from G-living.

  • rawchef

    I agree with Lisa wholeheartedly. I was completely shocked when I saw that image. I used to tell everyone about this site and promote it on my own site and blogs. It is a shame that this is the direction of G Living. I doubt I'll navigate this way again if I have to be subjected to the "dark side of green" in such a provocative manner. Sad. I will miss you G Living. My goodness, I am so disgusted and disturbed. Please promise there will not be any more images like this so I can remain a loyal G Living follower? I would be embarrassed to simply tell a friend about it today.

  • http://gliving.com G Monkie

    Wow, I am a little surprised some people are upset about the billboard for this post. It's really just a visual joke. Our tagline does says the darker side of green. What we mean by that is, that we lean towards adults humor, having fun, and being a little shocking. Think of the Daily Show or South Park. Really that image is a softball, compared to any fashion magazine you pickup or even if browsing around Huffingtonpost.com. They all have full on nude models. If this type of stuff upset's anyone, I am really sorry. Maybe not all of G Living's post or content is perfect for everyone. We like to think we can be deep deep green and still have a darker sense of humor. Thank you for coming to G Living and I hope you can forgive one image out of thousands, which are completely child friendly. If that image was too much, the new Dark Planet cartoon maybe way way to much. Also, the new gtagged section might be too much. The monkies are a little rude.

  • Mario Schwaller

    Ist es möglich eine Sparta-Version ohne 25Km/St.-Begrenzung zu kaufen?

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