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Flip & Tumble | The Reusable Bag That Fits Anywhere

Posted By G Living Staff Monkies On November 4, 2009 @ 8:00 am In G Living | No Comments

There’s no excuse for not carrying your own reusable shopping bag. Easy words, I know, but now it’s true. The excuse I hear (and use) most often is “I keep forgetting to put the bag in my car” or “It doesn’t fit in my glove box” or “my purse” or “my pocket”.

Clearly, Flip & Tumble had that in mind when they developed their low-density, strong nylon 24-7 bag. Small and lightweight, it’s designed to be with you at all times, whether you keep it in your purse, your backpack – or your car’s cupholder.

How does a reusable bag fit into all those places? Four simple words: scrunch, flip, flip, tumble. (Okay, technically that’s three words. But it’s four procedures.)

When not in use, the 24-7 Flip & Tumble lives in a small ball-shaped pouch only 3” in diameter (approximately the size of a peach). And if you find yourself suddenly buying organic produce on your way home from work, all you need to do is (from the Flip & Tumble site):

Scrunch (place your hand into the attached pouch and scrunch the bag)

Flip (pull the first flap over the bag)
Flip (pull the second flap over)
Tumble (your bag is ready to go!)

And when you’re done, you just ball it back up (like I do with socks) and put it back into its pouch. And unlike road maps, which never seem to return to their proper size or shape once opened, the 24-7 easily returns to its latent form. But is it “G”? If it keeps you from using landfill-intolerant plastic bags, of course. But it’s only “G’ if you use it. Which is why Flip & Tumble says they “put a lot of time into considering the needs and lifestyles of real people, so your 24-7 bag won’t be making friends with the dust bunnies.”

Another great thing: if you’re the type who does mega-shopping every time you visit the market, you can store three 24-7s in a tennis ball can (or two) and keep them in your trunk. Then when you need them, just “flip a couple of panels and you’ve got a bag ready to tumble along wherever you go.”

For more info or to order your own 24-7, click here.

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