FLO(o)R Coverings go GREEN

floor 111406 FLO(o)R Coverings go GREEN

(via: ecochic.blogspot.com) Did you know that carpet represents the worst of our fossil fuel-based, disposable society?

That’s right. Carpet is not on any list of green building materials. Carpet is toxic to our health and the environment. In addition to the base materials, adhesives and new carpet emmissions are air-quality concerns. As far as green homes go, bamboo, hardwood or concrete floors are safer, wiser (and more aesthetically pleasing) floor choices. This is good news for somebody like me who thinks carpet is also an eye-sore and one of the dirtiest apsects of a home–it promotes mold growth and allergens in the air and is difficult to clean. However, for some, carpet represents warmth and the comfort of home; for others it adds color, creativity and personality to a room.

Well, thanks to companies like FLOR we can have our cake and eat it too. FLOR is a modular carpet flooring system that allows you to create your own rugs or wall-to-wall carpeting of any size. Modern and simple in design and construction, their modular carpets work well in any home (contemporary, modern, green, traditional) to give it that warm, bright feeling while promoting earth-friendly materials like Kenaf (a fibrous African plant), Coir and Sisal, PLA (a derivative of corn), hemp, wood and recycled nylon materials.

FLOR’s commitment to sustainability extends to their installation methods and backing materials as well. These floor coverings have been specifically designed to emit few air pollutants. The backing of all FLOR tiles are treated with a low-toxicity antimicrobial to inhibit stain and odor-causing molds and bacteria. FLOR tiles are secured to the floor surface with low-tact, nontoxic adhesive dots in each corner, so there are no fumes from toxic adhesives. In addition, the modular pieces result in less waste from cutting to size, and worn spots can be pulled up and replaced without replacing the entire carpet. Worn carpet pieces are accepted by the manufacturer for recycling and recycled back into new carpet.

According to their web site, “all FLOR products recycle like a champ and all have the lowest VOC (new carpet smell) in the industry. If you are interested in recycling old FLOR, call our customer service at 866.281.3567 to find out how.”

Did I mention that these floor coverings LOOK awesome, too? They are modern, minimalist, clean and colorful. I never thought that I would say this but, “I want to get some carpet for MY home!!”

Read more about traditional carpet and its effects on the environment: buildinggreen.com

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