Flying Lotus | Reset

flying lotus 002 Flying Lotus | Reset

Review by David Day, BPM Magazine

Typically, Los Angeles turns out some real putrid tunes — being that the music scene is hoarded and bent every day by the awful record company machine. Only those off the corporate A&R radar escape to earnest-ville.

Leave it to the UK’s Warp Records, then, to snatch this futuristic R&B gem from the City of Angels. At only six tracks, Reset filters funk through a prism not seen since the long-lost Sa-Ra spaceship. Only listed as Flying Lotus, the artist behind the sound apparently is the great-nephew of Alice Coltrane — and for this scribe, that is that.

flying lotus 003 Flying Lotus | Reset

Taking the solar sounds of her oeuvre and threading it into blunted beats, the output is truly psychedelic. The kick-off, “Tea Leaf Dancers,” takes an already sultry vocal and further sexes it up through pillowed bass bumps. “Spicy Sammich” is full-on psych flavor, with echoed handclaps and burbling vocals that might have been recorded in a haunted house.

All told, this brief disc should shake the globe like that long-promised So Cal earthquake.

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