Foldable Urban Street Bike From Cube

foldingcubebike 01 Foldable Urban Street Bike From Cube

I may not speak German, but I know a cool bike when I see one. Which makes my lack of bilinguality especially frustrating. Cube’s urban street concept bike looks to be the coolest foldable bike offered up for public scrutiny in years.

Developed by a student at Germany’s Coburg University of Applied Sciences, the bike seems perfect for space-limited people who still want the pleasure and energy conservation of an off the grid, affordable transportation device. With the wheels detached, the body of the cycle folds up like a pocket knife and can supposedly fit into your backpack.

But it’s not all gimmick. This cool looking bike features brake levers and a seat post with LEDs, 28” wheels, brakes in both the front and the rear, and eight speed hub gears. Not bad for a compactor.

If you want more information than that, you might want to sign up for Berlitz because the English version of Cube’s site is mostly photos. But given that the bike is still in its concept stage, that may be all you need to satisfy your craving at the moment.

Video of the Cube folding bike in action
0 Foldable Urban Street Bike From Cube

  • Eugene_chico

    from where i can buy this bike?..and how much it will cost? really interested.pls reply ASAP!!! 

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