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On Saturday, G Living attended the Opportunity Green conference at UCLA. The event’s purpose was to empower people to create new businesses (or alter existing ones) towards a business model that is both green and profitable. All this toward the ultimate goal of making the world a better place.

30 odd speakers shared their views during the various panel discussions and keynote addresses. Some presentations were very interesting, in particular, Jamais Cascio, futurist and co-founder of, who discussed some big ideas in energy, technology and transportation, and introduced us to the incredible Aptera — three wheels, 230 mpg and available next year.

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Renowned biologist and founder of the endangered species project, Sam LeBudde, informed us that we’re way ahead schedule when it comes to the destruction of the planet. And finally, Jonathan Greenblatt, founder of Ethos Water, made us think about one of our most important resources and one we often take for granted, water.

But what’s the upshot? Are we clued in on how to go about creating a green, profitable company? Well, not really. The message I kept hearing over and over again is that green business is the same as regular old business – all you need is to come up with a great product or service that also happens to be green. (Think Method on this one.) This is what G Living is all about.

And while the turnout was a respectably 500, it felt as though most were already on board. It was a little like preaching to the choir. To affect real change, perhaps the organizers needed to enlist Live Earth creator Kevin Wall as a co-producer rather than a speaker. If there’s anyone who can get the message to the masses, it’s Kevin through his tried and tested formula of celebrity.

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