Food Voyeurism

macaroon Food Voyeurism

I have a confession to make, but I can’t be the only one. There is something about the sight of delicious and well styled food that is extremely satisfying and seductive. Sometimes I love to just browse and look at beautiful photos of food. Especially of deserts and colorful fruits and vegetables. I love to eat and I have to eat, but looking and fantasying is almost as enjoyable if not more enjoyable to me, and inspiring. Seeing all the creative ideas and combinations and wondering what it tastes like. It’s almost like food porn. I can enjoy many foods visually that wouldn’t make me feel good if I ate them because they’re not that healthy. I try to eat extremely healthy and clean most of the time. But in my voyeurism I get to be a little naughty. Of course there are many foods that totally turn me off and I find ugly and disgusting, but I just ignore those. Here are some of my favorite food voyeurism blogs and photostreams from flickr.

101 Cookbooks

Vita&C Photostream

Chocolate Cake

More to come….

  • vegchef

    Thanks indulge. I love looking at food porn too..these pics are great. Also check out the food blog ” Chocolate and Zucchini” She has some great pics on there, as well as fun commentary.
    mmmmm food

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