Foxy Alyson and Her Small Collection

foxy alyson Foxy Alyson and Her Small Collection

Alyson Fox’s label, A Small Collection, came about from her desire to combine her disparate interests of photography, illustration, design and styling. Inspired by art, the weather and vintage pieces, the result is a line of everyday clothes that can be dressed up or down. Simple sculptural canvases that can be layered with what you already own Alyson’s favorite item from her own collection? The easy-to-wear yet sexy deep cowl neck dress from her first collection.

Green fabrics are little more difficult to source, but she has her firm favorites: organic cotton because it’s so soft and versatile; linen because it’s one of the more environmentally produced fabrics; and the fun patterns of found fabric because of their limited supply.

After noticing the temperature rising and trash accumulating, Alyson became even more mindful about green. A vegetarian with a penchant for not using plastic bags, she shops at thrift stores, ablutes with John Masters Organics body care, cleans her house with Seventh Generation and mails back razors and toothbrushes for recycling. When she’s not designing she’s enjoying listening to Vampire Weekend, eating avocado sandwiches and dark chocolate or doing yoga.

We look forward to watching this innovative designer grow. Maybe one day her Small Collection will be a Large one.

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