Frocks that Rock: Angela Johnson

fashion004 Frocks that Rock:  Angela Johnson

There’s something really captivating about designer Angela Johnson‘s sense of style. Self-described as “punk couture,” “vintage inspired” and “kitschy ready-to-wear,” Angela’s gowns exude feminity “but with a dark side.” So if you tend to gravitate towards the adventurous style of Gwen Stefani over the classic appeal of Nicole Kidman, look no further than these bold-n-beautiful gowns refashioned from vintage fabrics. Images after the link

 Frocks that Rock:  Angela Johnson

With the menswear trend back in full force this Button Down Party Dress made from thrifted men’s shirts will prove who wears the “dress” in the family. Wear it with a crenoline petticoat for extra “pouf,” (available separately). $300 at Angela Johnson

 Frocks that Rock:  Angela Johnson

T-Shirt Ball Gown, by Angela Johnson, $400 at Unsung

A daring black number that makes a statement–literally. This gown incorporates international iconography (I can just about read the Chinese characters at the waistline). Only one available for snapping up! Each gown is one-of-a-kind (no fears of deja vu on the red carpet for you). You can either leave the T-shirt choices up to Angela or supply your own castoffs. As with the rest of Angela’s clothing, you have to expect that Angela’s sense of humor will be included with this dress.
Angela is Phoenix-based, but her clothing is available through a variety of retailers listed here.

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