10 Green North American Spring Getaways

playa las tortugas mexico eco resort 10 Green North American Spring Getaways

Are you desperate for a spring fling but looking for something earth friendly? Sunset magazine recently compiled a list of 10 such jaunts that are easily accessible in North America. From the luxury-requiring traveler to the outdoor type, there’s something green for everyone to enjoy. Here are some of Sunset’s suggestions:

In California, there’s the Sustainable Vine Wine Bar in Santa Barbara, which provides a six-hour, behind-the-scenes look at the process of making organic wine. If all goes according to plan, you might get to visit the Alma Rosa Winery & Vineyards, which is run by eco wine pioneer Richard Sanford. And yes, the tour van runs on biodiesel. For reservations, call (805) 698-3911.

Further north in Sonoma County is the Osmosis Day Spa Sanctuary, where you can enjoy an eco-friendly fragrant mulch bath or massage (or both) and use paper goods that will be composted by red worms in a process known as “global worming”. Treatments start at $80. Be sure to make a reservation. (707) 823-8231.

If Mexico is what you had in mind, check out the villas at Playa Las Tortugas. Activities include lying on the beach (what could be more green than that?) and then volunteering some time to help move baby turtles to wet sand or rescue turtle eggs on the beach. What makes it green? Your generous hands and tourist dollars (the villas start at $149) help the baby turtles in their biggest time of need. (877) 287-8905.

In Orgeon, you can “indulge your inner foodie” while staying in a cozy cabin at Leaping Lamb Farm in the Coast Range. You can fuel up on local food before venturing out for a exhilarating hike. (877) 820-6132.

While in Utah, be sure to experience the beauty of the southern region’s Cataract Canyon on a nice river raft. It’s less crowded than the Grand Canyon but just as beautiful. Plus, the river rafting company employs an extensive carbon-offset policy. (800) 346-6277.

You can’t visit Montana without seeing Glacier National Park in winter. And what better place to see it from than Essex’s historic Izaak Walton Inn. From the beautiful snowy valley to the Great Bear Wilderness, what makes this excursion green, according to Sunset, is the hiking and train accessibility. And did I mention the amazing skiing? (800) 872-7245.

And let’s not forget British Columbia. From the floating King Pacific Lodge, which moors off the coast of Princess Royal Island, you can enjoy hiking, whale watching, bear watching and kayaking before feasting on foraged wild mushrooms. With solar and hydropower (no to mention a solid carbon offset program), the lodge provides an environmentally guilt-free vacation.

These are just a sampling of Sunset’s eco jaunts. For more great ideas, read the full article.

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