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Futurenatural doesn’t mince words. They believe the future of skincare is natural. And for those of us who’ve done even the most cursory research into the topic, we know that “the body’s largest organ” and “carcinogens” don’t mix well together. Ever. (Let alone on a daily basis.) So, take my advice: if you want to pack your bathroom cabinet with the hottest, effective, organic beauty products from socially, environmentally, and/or fair trade conscious brands, check out the new online beauty store, Futurenatural.

We were lucky enough to catch up with Futurenatural President / Founder (and self-proclaimed “organic glamazon”), Emma Pezzack.

G Living: How did you get the idea for the site?

Emma Pezzack: With a background that spans around 20 years working in the beauty and fashion industries, and a burning passion for organic and natural beauty in particular, it could be said I’m uniquely positioned as a beauty maven for the savvy organic & natural set.

Having grown up eating organic on a farm in Australia…then moving to New Zealand where green became a way of life, you could say I’ve been a passionate advocate for the environment and a healthy lifestyle pretty much my whole life. Through an understanding that what we eat and absorb through our bodies directly affects our well being, and becoming increasingly alarmed at the number of chemicals being used in personal care products, I decided enough is enough.

I’m also a trained makeup artist. Having [applied] makeup to literally hundreds of women’s faces, coupled with my knowledge of health and the beauty business, led to the creation of Futurenatural.

I’m an avid label reader with a passion for killer aesthetic, great narrative and all things beauty. I believe that being organic & natural doesn’t have to mean a sacrifice in quality, design, or formulation — nor that you can’t look sexy, cool, modern and stylish, while being organic and embracing a green way of life.

I’m not anti-science and not blindly for nature. Through my experience, I believe that there is a way to combine both to create products that are effective, luxurious to use, beautifully designed, every drop as good as their conventional counterparts, and that sustain the planet. That’s exactly what you’ll find at Futurenatural.

GL: What inspires you?

EP: Everything!! I love pretty much anything that expands my mind. Substance with lightness of being; killer aesthetic; books; people; the spectacular personality; diversity, order and capability of nature; the beautiful complexity of simplicity; the perfection of imperfection; music; fashion; art; design; random acts of kindness … you name it. I’m a self-confessed responsible hedonist, knowledge & life junkie.

GL: What was your light bulb moment in becoming green?

EP: I’ve been green pretty much my whole life, so I’m not sure there was a light bulb moment as such… Probably the two biggest shifts were working as a makeup artist and becoming increasingly uncomfortable with using conventional makeup products. I felt a sense of duty and responsibility and still do, whether I’m cooking for someone, putting makeup on them, whatever, to show care and consideration for the health & wellbeing of others.

The second comes from understanding the lifecycle of products and where food comes from. It’s completely opened my eyes to the importance of empowering consumers to understand the implications of our purchases, and how we can make a difference.

GL: Top three most popular products you sell?

EP: Skin care, makeup and body products are the three biggest categories. Suki Lemongrass Cleanser, Mod.Skin Labs Face Sculpt Serum and any of the Malie Body products are our three biggest product sellers – that’s at the moment. The order shifts each week based on weather [and] what we’re promoting at any given time.

GL: What’s your beauty routine?

What I personally look for in my own regime and when selecting products for the site is organic & natural products that help to restore, encourage and maintain the skin’s own natural functions, while combining the best of science to deliver all the benefits you expect of conventional skincare. Using powerful combinations of the finest bioactive plant ingredients (anti-aging, antioxidant, potent bioactives, firming, radiance, etc.).

I love a good exfoliant and everyone should use one. Stem Organics makes my latest favorite. Contains tiny bamboo fibers that give you a kind of microdermabrasion without damaging the surface of skin. Talk about a skin glow! Their cleanser is also super delicious and smells like freshly squeezed orange juice.

I always have some kind of Vitamin C or antioxidant in my routine somewhere. They have a spectacular effect on skin in terms of brightening, creating even skin tone, stimulating cell renewal and just generally encouraging skin to look and act more youthful. I’m also a big fan of treatment products that contain hyularonic acid and amino acids because they bind moisture to your skin and make it look super plump & hydrated! We sell one called Natralox that I’m totally addicted to.

In terms of eye cream, the Kimberly Sayer Organic Cellular Extract Eye Gel is pretty amazing. Contains plant collagen among other fantastic ingredients.

Overall, it’s important to me that whatever I’m using comes from wild-harvested, sustainable, organic or natural sources — packaged to be eco-friendly wherever possible.

GL: What environmental achievement are you most proud of?

EP: Futurnenatural! Hands down. Every single time you shop with us, your purchases help holistically support the planet & people. Most of our suppliers (and us, directly & indirectly), are involved in programs that donate to planting trees, saving forests, supporting local and indigenous communities, organic & sustainable farming practices, preserving wilderness & wildlife … the list goes on.

Shopping with Futurenatural, not only do you feel gorgeous on the outside, you can feel good on the inside too! I get a HUGE kick out of knowing that what we’re doing is impacting positive change in the world. I love empowering people to be a part of that change and whether they realize it or not, whenever they buy a product here, they’re participants in this brilliant move toward global consciousness. It’s AWESOME.

GL: What’s your environmental vice?

EP: At the moment it’s that I’ve bought a stack of reusable shopping bags to take grocery shopping, and for the life of me, I haven’t been able to remember to take them when I go shopping!! … Maybe the answer is to put them in the boot of the car so they’re always there.

GL: How do you get the average American to embrace organic beauty products?

EP: I think they already are. The move towards organic and natural personal care isn’t a fringe concept anymore and that’s evident with companies like L’Oreal buying the Body Shop, Estee Lauder owning the Origins brand, Clorox recently buying Burt’s Bees, and on it goes.

Conventional skincare companies have always used natural extracts, essential oils and botanical bioactives in their ingredient decks because they work. What we’re witnessing more and more, though, as consumers become more savvy, is a move away from all the chemical additives that accompany those natural ingredients to skincare that’s more pure, plus companies that enact more socially & environmentally responsible manufacturing processes. When we have greater dialogue, media discussion, celebrity endorsement, and more knowledge becomes available about what organic & natural are, consumer awareness increases.

You’ll always have people who don’t give a damn, but the numbers who do are growing as a natural outcome of [the] understanding that we can’t continue to treat ourselves, or the planet, the way we have been.

Right on, Emma. We couldn’t agree more. Many thanks for talking with us.

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