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gkitch1 G Kitchen Renovation | Washington Post

I found this article in the Washington Post. It’s a little old but still relevant.

If you are interested in renovating your kitchen or making it a little more G you might be interested in this article:

“We’re environmentally conscious, my husband and I, but there are certain things we can’t live without, like air conditioning in Washington’s sweltering summers.

When we decided to replace our sagging kitchen cabinets and wheezing refrigerator, we knew it would have been more earth-friendly to keep our kitchen renovations limited, to reuse what we already owned instead of consuming more materials. But one of the things I couldn’t live without, I decided right away, was new cabinets.

Since the layout of our small kitchen was dreadful, we decided to start from scratch and create a new, environmentally friendly room.

We envisioned a kitchen outfitted with recycled materials, or with products from plants that could be sustainably harvested — plants that grow quickly and are easily replenished, such as bamboo. We hoped our new products would be made without toxic chemicals that linger in the air.”

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