G LIVING v2 | Our New Studio & A Sneak Peak At Our Future

gliving v2 office 021 G LIVING v2 | Our New Studio & A Sneak Peak At Our Future

If you haven’t realized it yet, taking on a green or “G” lifestyle takes a bit more effort than pulling up to your favorite drive thru fine dining restaurant (McCrack). A newbie may even think, they’ve stepped right into hell. Seeing the world through a new lens is a bit shocking, everything seems to be toxic, bad for them, killing the planet, the animals and for some reason, just off limits. But hold on, it will get easier as the world wakes up to this green future that like it or not is rolling in like a train with no brakes. Believe me I know, I have been working on this for 10 years and I have to say, I am shocked at the speed at which things are now changing. When we started, I felt completely alone. Attempting to talk to people about living green, was like talking to them about being probed by aliens. Now thanks to the Global Warming shock and awe, everyone knows what green is and wants some.

gliving v2 office 011 G LIVING v2 | Our New Studio & A Sneak Peak At Our Future

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I have to say, I knew or at least wanted to believe the future would be green. But I had no idea how long it would take or if it would just happen way too late. So, I sat down and started working at what I do best. Work endless hours (thanks to my friend, organic espresso) and think creatively about the problem. Using these two vital skills, I started to create version after version of this site, gliving.tv. Starting out with a one page site, featuring a goat smiling at visitors from the top of the page. Yes a goat, it was about the cute factor, you have to see it. Then came the earthy toned version with a zoro inspired giant Z logo, and a photo spread of Leslie Bega (actress on Sopranos). This version quickly became tired looking and earned my Crap Label and so I was on to the next version. This was the all black version which for the first time featured the G living Logo but little else. This was also the time period, when people like Ben, Boise, Fran, Jill and others started voluteering to create G Living’s first online shows. Again, this version didn’t last long, but did get us to our first major funding and kick started the company G Living is today. This bring us to todays version of the site, which by most standards is fine, but for us it has one major flaw, we have to do all the work. Believe me this is a problem. On the internet you want to enable more than you want to actually do. Think YouTube, Facebook, they don’t do much, they simply allow you to do it. This is because there are people, like you, who know more, do more, are out there making things happen and you’re in a better position than we are to share your experiences.

So, we decided the next version of G Living has to not only set the tone for a modern “G” lifestyle, it has to enable all of you to jump in and share your G Life. To that end, we designed a new type of online publishing system from the ground up. Designed to enable, not block the experts, to reach a new thriving “G” audience.

gliving v2 office 04 G LIVING v2 | Our New Studio & A Sneak Peak At Our Future
gliving v2 office 051 G LIVING v2 | Our New Studio & A Sneak Peak At Our Future

This application is called G Living v2. Exciting name, right! Well, maybe not, but the application will be, I promise. This application will to be a slicker, better designed version of the G Living website, with stories, videos, blogs, recipes, videos, visual search and even magazines, but just like that spooky but nice Incredible Hulk, below the skin it is a mean green machine. G Living v2, is a full on ruby application, which will enable anyone with basic web surfing skills, to professional publishing “G” content, in their own personal sections, in groups or within G Living‘s featured pages, if it passes our standards. You will be able to add graphics, blogs, articles, guides, events, links, photos, videos and even get into discussions with some of the most important people on the planet. Yes I am talking about hollywood celebrities, right? At this point it maybe a little hard to imagine, but don’t worry, we are rapidly completing the programming and will start launching all the new features in phase, starting in about 30 days.

So for now, let me share with you a few screen shots of the new application and some pictures from my iphone of our new slimmed down and focused studio (v2 studio). We moved into a loft for the programming phase, which didn’t require us to be filming everyday. Sorry Real G fans.

I hope you’re excited and are ready to start spreading the word, because we think G Living v2 will be a major leap forward, not only for our little “G” company but for everyone out there with something to share.

(Official Details about G Living v2 and G Living up to this point)

Over the last twenty four months we have developed and deployed our signature brand, established our voice and launched version 1 of our online green lifestyle daily magazine. We have filmed nearly 100 broadband video shows ranging between 5 to 30 minutes in length. Guests have included pop culture stars, hollywood celebrities, social critics, world famous chefs, athletes, and business leaders. We have a presence beyond gliving.com, through our partnership with print magazines such as BPM Magazine, and major brands like The Weather Channel, NBC, and iMeem. We have worked with major advertisers directly and through agencies including Method and OMD. We have delivered over 20 Million show views to date.

gliving v2 01 G LIVING v2 | Our New Studio & A Sneak Peak At Our Future

gliving v2 02 G LIVING v2 | Our New Studio & A Sneak Peak At Our Future

Now we are entering phase two and we turn our focus to the development and launching of our own entertainment / social publishing online platform. We have designed and developed a new online application site which brings together the power of social networks, broadcast networks and news site. A powerful hybrid of New York Times, Facebook, Digg, CNN and MTV.

G Living v2 will enable invited members only, such as green leaders, authors, celebrities, documentary filmmakers, green product designers and major universities, to directly publish articles, blogs, recipes, photos and videos on G Living. The application is designed to make it very simple for almost anyone to publish a professional article or blog and reach its intended audience. In Phase 3, about twelve months after Phase 2 launches, we will activate a Gaming system we are calling “Dark Planet” as well as open up the publishing system to the all the members.

gliving v2 03 G LIVING v2 | Our New Studio & A Sneak Peak At Our Future
gliving v2 04 G LIVING v2 | Our New Studio & A Sneak Peak At Our Future
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    Love it. G Living inspires me. :)

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    G Monkie,


    I acknowledge you for your persistence and diligence in the face of all the obstacles. While I have only known you for 3 short years now, your passion and vision is inspiring and you really did pave the way for this way of life.

    Thank you.

    I love you.


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