G To-Go Series / The Modern Green Lunch Box Option

g togo lunchbox container 01 G To Go Series / The Modern Green Lunch Box Option

With all this talk about what foods are best to transport and portable to eat on the go, there is still the question left of what to transport those foods in. Throw away containers like plastic disposable tupperware and plastic bags, disposable utensils etc. are not the most sustainable options, even if they are recycled or made of corn. Ideal is to find the best quality and G designed reusable containers and bags. So nothing gets thrown away, except for the organic food scraps unless you’re a lucky bastard and have a compost pile to toss them in.

So anyways, on the search for the best to-go ware products, I found a ton of stuff. I had no idea there were so many cool options out there. There is a solution for everything apparently, you just have to search for it. A lot of sites had all kinds of great bags and boxes and bottles etc. but this one I found was dedicated to nothing but this stuff and had the most variety and options available. In this 3 part series I’ll highlight some of the ones that caught my eye the most. Of course you can just go directly to their site as well and browse around to see what you like.

Here are some of my favorites I found:

A while back, one of the G Insiders asked about alternatives to plastic containers. Candice recommended this very cool bento box made from stainless steel. It is a 2-Tier carrier that has 2 stainless steel bowls with a plate sandwiched between them. So there are 2 separate and sealed compartments from each-other, and it all stacks and snaps together with a convenient handle and frame. The coolest thing about this carrier is that it doubles as dishes. You just take it apart and have 2 bowls and a plate to eat the food out of directly. It’s also non-toxic with no lead unlike vinyl lunchboxes, and there is no leaching or flavor change due to the food-grade stainless steel material. It is also dishwasher safe. It looks like it would be perfect not only to take to work or school, but for picnics, car trips and camping trips. Someone even said they use theirs to take home leftovers from restaurants. The cost is also just about the same as 1 lunch at a resturant or cafe. $16.50

g togo lunchbox container 03 G To Go Series / The Modern Green Lunch Box Option

This lunch tote, is an insulated Byob lunch bag by Built NY for food that keeps both food and drinks either hot or cold. It’s machine washable and lead-free. It is made out of wet-suit material and has 2 compartments that are separate. One for a drink or bottle and one for food. It is not as roomy as the stainless steel carrier and doesn’t have the features of storing the food directly in it and using it for dishes as well. However, it is very stylish and portable and would fit better in most backpacks or even a large purse. It could be used with this great Wrap-N-Mat Sandwich Bag that makes plastic zipper sandwich bags absolute. The machine washable sandwich bag could be used also for other foods besides sandwiches, anything you want to wrap up basically and take on the go. The side pocket is perfect to fit a stainless steel Klean Kanteen bottle.

g togo lunchbox container 02 G To Go Series / The Modern Green Lunch Box Option

They also have very cute kids lunch bags that are lead free. As well as Cool Totes, thermo insulated lunch bags made out of recycled plastic soda bottles. It comes with a non-toxic 8 oz reusable freezer pack to keep the contents cool. It has a separate pocket just for it so there is no moisture or condensation mess. Sounds like a great way to pack some fresh produce or perishables that need to keep cool. It also has a velcro closure and a shoulder strap and of course is 100% lead-free. A very G alternative to brown bagging it.

Next up, Utensils…

g togo lunchbox container 04 G To Go Series / The Modern Green Lunch Box Option

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