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g togo sigg cutlery 01 G To Go Series / Utensils Solutions

If you’re at all into Swiss Army Tools, there’s no way you can pass up this slick stainless steel all in one cutlery set by SIGG. It comes with it’s own cute little nylon pouch and belt loop. Hey, the Swiss know what they’re doing ok! This is high quality stuff. Come on, what would you rather tote around with you, dinky little plastic spoons and forks, or this stylish set of reusable cutlery. Each piece also easily separates so you can hold and use them individually and then lock them back together again, fold them up and snug them in their little pouch. I’m thinking great gift idea. Only $24.95 It’d also be great for camping or any type of traveling and can double as self-protection. Just don’t try to take it on a plane with you, I doubt that would fly.

g togo sigg cutlery 02 G To Go Series / Utensils Solutions

Then of course there is the very responsible and environmental bamboo option. This lightweight, reusable bamboo utensil to-go set is made from 100% sustainably-harvested bamboo with a natural food-safe wood oil. The 100% cotton carrycase is made by a women’s co-op in Thailand that works with Burmese refugee women (fair trade). A little more natural and bohemian. It’s a little less than the stainless steel set, $19.95. Supports a good cause and program and we all know that bamboo is usually a very G material to use for almost anything. So this is a very cool option as well, and is likely a lot more plane safe.

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