Gardening Inspiration, How They Built The Eden Project Gardens

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When I was in my early twenties, I live in a small village in England called Fairford. Life in the English country side was a magical experience for me. You see, I grew up in the dry boring suburbs of San Antonio Texas. One generic stick box house after the next. My life completely revolving around the maze of hot asphalt roads and shopping malls, which make up the typical American town. England was the ancient place of tiny roads, forest, small village centers and filled with people who actually walked place to place. I think my time in England shaped my love and desire to be a gardener. You see England is a country of gardeners. They have a very strong proud tradition of gardening and nothing screams that more, than the completely amazing Eden Project.

The Eden Project, in Cornwall England, is a celebration of growing things. Here is the official spill: The Eden Project is an unforgettable experience in a breathtaking location; a global garden; a place of beauty and wonder. Our world famous architecture and art draws inspiration from nature, our educational work is about creating a positive future in a world that is going to go through radical change, and we try to ensure everyone who visits Eden leaves knowing something more about their connection to the world. That’s the big stuff…Eden is also about simple pleasures; enjoying tasty food, rediscovering what puts the great into the great outdoors, imaginative play for children, taking time to stop and smell the flowers, having a good time.

eden project domes 01 Gardening Inspiration, How They Built The Eden Project Gardens

eden project domes 02 Gardening Inspiration, How They Built The Eden Project Gardens

The documentary above was filmed as an intimate and engaging portrait through one of the most important and ambitious years in its life, and timed to coincide with the grand opening of its new biome, this film will show how Eden has achieved its iconic and inspirational status, and will reveal the dilemmas and challenges it faces for the future. It will explore how Eden strives to remain both on the cutting edge of building and design, on the forefront of provocative and constructive thought and action, both domestically and internationally and how it maintains its position as a leader in stimulating environmental art and education.

If you have been one of the lucky ones, and have already been to Eden, please let us know your thoughts. If your going, take photos and share them here with us. One of G Living’s near future goals is to start up our own gardens in Oregon and try in some small way capture some of the magic Eden brings to life in England.

eden project domes 03 Gardening Inspiration, How They Built The Eden Project Gardens

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