Using Geothermal To Power California

QUEST on KQED Public Media.

Solar and wind power may get the headlines when it comes to renewable energy. But another type of clean power is heating up in the hills just north of Sonoma wine country. Geothermal power uses heat from deep inside the Earth to generate electricity. The Geysers, the world’s largest power-producing geothermal field, has been providing electricity for roughly 850,000 Northern California households, and is set to expand even further.

Producers Notes: When I first began researching this story for QUEST, I was surprised that I hadn’t heard more about geothermal energy. It’s never lumped into that renewable energy laundry list that’s recited by politicians and journalists alike — you know, “…solar, wind, hydroelectric and biofuels”. But it turns out that geothermal energy has really great potential.

geothermal plant 01 Using Geothermal To Power California

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