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Getting In Shape Eight Minutes A Day

Posted By Sarah Backhouse On April 1, 2008 @ 3:42 pm In Fitness/Diet,G Living | No Comments

Eight minutes. That’s the time it takes to: crawl one mile on L.A.’s jam-packed 405 in peak hour; stand in line at Starbucks with an inefficient barista at the helm; navigate the telephonic maze of customer service prompts before speaking with an actual human being; or listen to a blow-by-blow description of your mother’s day before being able to alert her to the fact that your kitchen is on fire.

Looking for a better way to spend eight minutes? According to fitness trainer Jorge Cruise, author of “8 Minutes in the Morning: A Simple Way to Start Your Day That Burns Fat and Sheds the Pounds”, eight minutes is all it takes to get a fitter, slimmer you. So, while the widely advocated 30 minutes of daily cardio isn’t a complete waste of time, it seems just 8 minutes of strength training is the key to weight management.

“Americans are among the most overweight people in the world,” says Mr. Cruise. “About 80 percent of Americans are overweight and 35 percent are clinically obese. People think fat itself is the problem, but that’s just the symptom — the source is the lack of lean muscle tissue.”

Jorge’s workout tips on getting the most out of your eight minute routine includes: using a hand weight that causes muscle fatigue by the 12th repetition; and varying your daily routine daily “starting with major muscle groups and moving to smaller ones”. His website is packed with “Cruise moves”, exercises you can do at home without needing to invest in a bunch of equipment. Also featured are articles and videos on the benefits of getting enough water into our diets as well sufficient sleep.

I heartily recommend checking out Mr. Cruise’s website, even if it’s just to get a glimpse of Jorge’s impressive six pack and maniacal grin. And here’s an additional suggestion from yours truly: don’t use your newly freed 22 minutes in the morning to scoff an entire box of sugary cereal.

(via Revolution Health)

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