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pitt globalgreen gliving Global Green | Brad Pitt Want To Cut Your Electricity Bill

The recent story about Matt Peterson and Brad Pitt’s collaborative efforts to build green apartment units in New Orleans is so unbelievably refreshing, it makes me want to cry. Not only because it’s such a ridiculously brilliant way of double trouble shooting environmental and socio-economic crises, but because I can actually understand what it is that they’re talking about! Brad and Matt are improving the quality of life for low-income victims of Hurricane Katrina using cost-effective and sustainable materials such as non-toxic paints and solar panels.

See and hear Brad talking about Global Earth and how paying for electricity is unnecessary.

Can utility bills really be eradicated just because Brad says they can? It is projected that these residents will be able to cut their bills by 70%. We won’t know for sure until people are actually living in them.

But eradicate electricity bills entirely? Rather than hauling in a team of experts I’ve never heard of, Brad directs our attention to the sun, the water, the wind. If these houses, once completed, do indeed succeed in lowering costs by 70%, no card stacking of expertise will be necessary, as a simple electricity bill would prove the point.

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