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good on paper Good On Paper | Good For the Environment

I’m obsessed with stationery. As a card enthusiast, I’m always astounded to see people buying cards at supermarkets or pharmacies. What’s up with that? All that horrible Hallmarky, design anarchy. Go to a bookstore or gift store instead. Beautifully designed cards also come in handy packets of ten, so you don’t have that last minute panic that results in buying something gilt edged.

Lisa Wong Jackson is the brains and eye behind her Berkeley-based company, Good on Paper. All that she touches is fabulously designed and eco-friendly. From her note cards to business cards, birthday books to wedding invitations, the entire line is printed on tree-free or sustainably sourced paper using soy and vegetable inks. And with inspirations as diverse as Wim Wenders, Pangea, Goodnight Moon and Design Kinky, there’s no shortage of creativity in her collection.

Whatever the creative process, I love the one of a kind images and hand-pressed quality of her line. Which, just in case you were wondering, leaves Hallmark for dead.

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