Governor Gets Heat For Keeping Kansas Clean

kansas sebelius1 Governor Gets Heat For Keeping Kansas Clean

What does it take to stand up to the world’s largest coal company? Kansas governor Kathleen Sebelius knows because she recently denied Peabody Coal – the world’s largest coal company –permits for two new coal-fired power plants. Her argument: as governor she swore an oath to protect the health and well-being of all Kansans, and allowing the coal power would go against that oath. She also stated that it would be irresponsible, given the state of climate change and global warming because each plant would emit over 11 million tons of CO2 per year.

The attack ads against Sebelius started immediately. A group called Kansans for Affordable Energy ran ads showing the presidents of Iran, Venezuela, and Russia smiling, stating that Sebelius was supporting them by blocking Peabody.

Peabody’s website immodestly peddles its claims of environmental stewardship and sustainable development of coal amid backdrops of 100-foot high coal cliffs in Montana, “reclaimed” cropland and wildlife habitat, and their cleanest-in-the-US facility, Prairie State in southern Illinois. Perhaps the most ghastly part of the website is its coal ticker, showing that Peabody sells 8 tons of coal per second around the world. Although not mentioned on the website, it is clear that they are miffed at Sebelius and will use their mega-muscle to discredit her.

But let’s not forget that coal is a finite resource that emits huge amounts of carbon dioxide. So, we can spend considerable time and energy finding a clean coal future, or we could spend the same energy creating a sustainable, renewable, and independent energy future.

Hopefully other leaders will take notice of what’s happening in Kansas.

Click here for a spoof attack ad on Sebelius.

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