Grapefruit & Mint Spritzer

grapespritzer Grapefruit & Mint Spritzer

Grapefruit and Mint Spritzer (raw)

Usually made with white wine , this grapefruit juice spritzer is a refreshing alternative for an early morning wake up call. Who wants to get buzzed first thing when they wake up anyways? Well, I’m sure you know someone–if you’re reading this any time before 10am though, it’s probably not you. I’ll bet it’s even great for hangovers, or even sipped in between cocktail glasses to prevent you from getting properly sloshed in the first place.

I love the accent of the fresh mint against the bubbly tang of the sour grapefruit and lime juice. I also prefer to use a natural sparkling mineral water, but you can use any sparkling water.

This is so simple to make. If you have an electric juicer, you literally don’t have to do any work basically. We recently got a Breville Citrus Press in the studio and can’t stop using it. You only need 1 grapefruit for this, so squeezing it by hand should not be a problem, and probably a great hand workout. Straining the pulp is optional. Might be good if you’re thinking about serving this to others though.


1/2 Cup Grapefruit Juice (about 1 large grapefruit)

1/2 Cup Sparkling Mineral Water

1/2 Lime – Juiced

1 TB of Agave Nectar

Handful of Fresh Mint, Chopped

Simply juice the grapefruit and lime into a glass and then fill the rest of the glass with the sparkling water. Add 1 TB or more of agave to taste and stir it with a spoon. Chop some fresh mint and sprinkle it on top. Done.

In case you’ve never had agave before and you are wondering what it is, it’s a low glycemic liquid sweetener made from the blue agave cactus. The same cactus used to make tequila. It tastes like a very light honey with a cleaner feel to it. It’s basically fructose and a lot like a fruit sugar. If you can’t find any, you can replace it with honey, maple syrup or brown sugar.

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