Green Dump Truck From Mitsubishi

mitsubishi ecod 01 Green Dump Truck From Mitsubishi

Driving by construction sites I can’t help but notice the massive dump trucks loading, unloading, and polluting the air. And with gas prices being so high, I can imagine that owning and operating one of these is pretty costly. Could there be a solution on the way? Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation (MFTBC) thinks so.

MFTBC started the journey toward creating green dump trucks in October 2005 when they released the Shin Caterpillar, which employed Advanced Combustion Emission Reduction Technology (ACERT). According to Mitsubishi’s website, they also created new designs for the air intake and exhaust to prevent gas from being mixed with the air that travels through the cylinders, while their “CAT” monitoring system helps to track fuel efficiency and emissions.

In July 2006 Mitsubishi started production on a model dump truck called the Canter Eco-D. Recently unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show, the Canter Eco-D uses a hybrid system and has a lightweight build and an emissions control that help ensure that the truck cuts back on pollution.

mitsubishi ecod 02 Green Dump Truck From Mitsubishi

The Canter Eco-D was designed to reduce nitrogen oxide and other matter normally produced by most cars and trucks. The hybrid system also contains an electric motor that kicks in when the car is started. When the vehicle is in motion, the standard diesel engine powers it, while the electric motor takes on the form of a generator when the truck slows down or comes to a stop – which means there are zero emissions during loading and unloading.

Mitsubishi seems pleased with the concept. According to their website: “This arrangement contributes to maximum fuel efficiency and reduced emissions.”

If this comes to fruition, it could be huge. For one thing, I might start thinking positive thoughts whenever I pass a busy construction site.

For more information on the Canter Eco-D, read the official press release.

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