Green Fashion Featured on EcoTalk Radio

ecotalkradio image Green Fashion Featured on EcoTalk Radio

With all of the eco-based blogs and magazines, rarely do you get to actually hear people talk about serious issues. For the past two years, Betsy Rosenberg and her EcoTalk program have been seeking to change that. Having interviewed everyone from Al Gore, Home Depot and Wal-Mart to smaller fund-raising organizations and everyday individuals trying to change the world, this is one of the best collections of honest, in-your-face advice from those who are knee deep in “environmentalism 2.0″.

I had the honor of being interviewed by Betsy just a couple of days ago. The experience was most enjoyable; she seemed genuinely interested in how green fashion choices can help progress the overall eco-movement. We spoke initially about Twice Shy, an organic cotton company from Vancouver that I represent, but the conversation expanded, covering all types of eco-fashion. Two days before my segment, the Student Environmental Communication Network had a segment about shopping at thrift stores.

Show your support for green media and green fashion by listening to the segments. Also, leave your comments on the EcoTalk site, letting them know what you think of the interviews as well as other eco-info you’d love to hear about.

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