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hawaii green home Green Hawaii | The Good Home in Maui

To answer the obvious question, The Good Home in Maui is good because it is the greenest home in Hawaii. It’s successful in meeting three of the most demanding green building standards: the Hawaiian BuiltGreen rating (three star), the National Association of Home Builders (gold) and it’s the only home built in Hawaii under the LEED for Homes Pilot Program, where they’re expecting a gold rating. Those are some Good ratings.

The Good Home is designed to be environmentally friendly in every way. Even during construction, they only used a portion of the site for construction activities and took care to separate and recycle materials. Drought tolerant plants are used for landscaping to reduce water use. Trees and shrubs are used as natural air conditioners to cool the air around the house.

I don’t care how green you are, if you’re going to live in Wailuku, you have to have a view of the water. Unfortunately, with the east and south facing windows, there is come significant solar heat gain. In The Good Home, you don’t have to sacrifice; the designers at Zilber, Ltd. just threw on some hanging lanais and deep overhangs, and the problem was significantly minimized.

greenhome hawaii Green Hawaii | The Good Home in Maui

Water is conserved in The Good Home by utilizing bioswales, water efficient toilets, showerheads and faucets and by grouping the bathrooms together to minimize piping distance. It uses a photovoltaic solar system that provides about 60% of the energy — not that it needs it, because it exceeds many Energy Star criteria for energy efficiency.

The Good Home is an example of excellent green building, but it also is a beautiful home. Shane Jackson, one of the creators of The Good Home, explains the purpose very simply. “The Good Home is proof that maximizing sustainability does not mean you have to sacrifice aesthetics, value or quality.”

Sounds pretty Good to me.

  • Gift of Grace

    That is brilliant! I hop more homes are built that way.

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