Green Skyscraper | Atlanta’s Aquarius Tower

aquarius tower Green Skyscraper | Atlanta’s Aquarius Tower

Wind turbines, solar power and a parking system reminiscent of those pod things in “The Matrix”.That’s what you get if you buy into Atlanta’s soon-to-be-built Aquarius Tower. Aquarius reports to be built on the four elements: sun, wind, water, and earth.

The dedication to the sun and wind are the most sustainable parts of the tower. They will provide about 50% of the building’s electricity with an array of solar panels on the roof and five one-story wind turbines that take advantage of skyscraper winds. Each living unit also has floor-to-ceiling windows, allowing in plenty of light.

The other elements are more like amenities. Water is symbolized in building’s flow from area to area without abrupt breaks. It’s also symbolized in a first-class pool/spa. The earth element refers to 21st century livability – high ceilings, pre-wired, wi-fi, 24-hour concierge, etc. – and there is some mention of using recycled materials.

The Aquarius is indeed an interesting new building, but its seems to overestimate its sustainability features in trying to capture the wave of green marketing. The living spaces are large, expensive, and adorned with resource-intense décor like hardwood floors and cabinets and granite countertops. And who needs 2.5 baths in a 1600 square foot condo? If you have the cash, however, go for it.

A step forward? Yes, but a baby step.

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