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My favorite beverage just keeps getting better for you. Which should also make it more palatable to my co-workers, whose computers keep force quitting due to my constant kettle boiling. (Electrical circuitry at start-ups leaves a lot to be desired.) Yeah, so sorry about losing all of those unsaved changes to your edits/designs/documents, but look at all the benefits. To, er, me.

Here are seven reasons to sip the green stuff…

Nix cancer. The polyphenols or antioxidants help keep cancer at bay. Studies show that people who regularly drink green tea reduce the risk of developing “breast, stomach, esophagus and/or prostate cancer.”

Soothe skin. A natural antiseptic, green tea is ideal for relieving itching and swelling. Just dip a cotton pad in some leftover tea and apply to blemishes, sunburn and puffy eyes.

Protect skin. Have you noticed green tea is an active ingredient in sunscreen and moisturizers? That’s because when consumed or applied to skin, green tea helps block skin cancer triggered by the sun.

Steady blood pressure. People who sip green are more chilled out and less prone to hypertension than their non-green tea drinking counterparts. Polyphenols, especially the ECGCs, help keep blood vessels from contracting and blood pressure from rising.

Retain memory. Antioxidants in green tea “fight free-radical damage to brain nerves seen in Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.” Drink up, stay smart.

Forever young. If your arteries are young and healthy, then you are, too. Just 10 ounces of green tea a day will stop your body from absorbing artery-clogging fat, thereby reducing the risk of heart disease and stroke.

Get skinny. Not that we’re vain, but of course this is a healthy added bonus. Green tea speeds up the body’s calorie burning process to keep you looking your best.

See how easy peasy Japanesey it is to incorporate green tea into your routine and reap the rewards? Now, if only it were able to fix jammed hard drives.

(via Yahoo! Food)

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