Green Tip Of The Day, Cash In! Ideal Bite Sales To Disney

ideal bite sales to disney 20million11 Green Tip Of The Day, Cash In! Ideal Bite Sales To Disney

Want to make a fast buck? Come up with a fabulous green website idea, get come serious traffic flowing through it and in couple of years flip it. When I interviewed Heather Stephenson at UCLA’s Opportunity Green conference last year I had no idea she was soon going have $20 million in her bank courtesy of Disney. Lucky girl — that’s a lot pairs of non-leather shoes and bags.

Based in San Francisco, Ideal Bite was founded in 2005 by Heather Stephenson and Jennifer Boulden. The site is dedicated to “making lives a little greener through simple and practical ‘bite’-size tips” and covers everything from ecological washing detergents to non toxic pool filters, green music festival to best charities. Disney is currently on a shopping spree, snapping up smaller acquisitions in the online space that will remain separate from Disney digital media group.

So what does this mean for subscribers of Ideal Bite? Hopefully nothing. What would we do without our daily tips telling us not to keep our windows rolled down when traveling over 45 mph (the wind provides resistance and decreases fuel efficiency)? Or to get Dad a HYmini portable solar/wind charger for Father’s Day (rather than some dodgy tchotchkes)? Ideal bite has been ideal for those looking to live on the greener side of life and fingers crossed it will continue to be.


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