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Greenbox | An Eco-Emerald on the Isle

Posted By G Living Staff Monkies On April 23, 2008 @ 2:51 am In G Living,Traveling & Cool Stuff To Do | No Comments

Whenever someone mentions Ireland, I think of shamrocks, Irish beer, River Dancing and the fact that the Irish descendants I know always seem to have a mighty good time. Beyond that, I know that Eire is a popular word in crossword puzzles, and that’s about it.

But recently I became aware of Greenbox, Ireland’s recently dedicated green belt for eco-tourists. A quick Google search revealed that the “green” in Greenbox is more than just a pretty color. It seems this lush and pristine exotic area is a wealth of undisturbed ecosystems. Funded and overseen by The Responsible Tourism Ltd. (as opposed to the “We’re Not Responsible” Tourism??) and approved by the European Eco-labeled (EU Flower), the tri-county expanse is as lush in history as it is in dense beauty.

And seeing as how I like to occasionally “lush” — which can lead to my brief persona morph into a dense beauty — I figured this might be a perfect match.

Bolstered by my greenie-tourist expertise, I discovered that the area indeed qualifies within the guidelines of ecotourism. Well and good. Next, I found that all seekers could enjoy walking tours, cycling and daylong tours on eco-friendly bio-buses powered by pure plant oil. Even better. Those seeking a serene oneness with nature can choose from several nature and spiritual based retreat experiences. Sounds like Greenbox can fulfill any green-seeking fantasy.

Since the populace of that area came to its senses with The Belfast Agreement, boasting an atmosphere of harmony, it certainly could seem that Greenbox might have it all. My only concern now is, if I go…would I want to come back? At that point, my flights of inner fancy burst into full force while I clicked through my itinerary. I envisioned looking at the majestic lakes from atop the lush mountains, dancing with the locals at the lively villages while the Celtic women sang and the men played harps or banged their shillelaghs on the floor in beat with the music.

Well, just as I started thinking about what to pack, I clicked the last page of the information…total cost. And let’s just say that traveling green to Greenbox means having a chunk of “green”, a fact that caused a slight green hue to my face.

So, unless I can find a benevolent leprechaun (can you use those two words together?) who will allow me to dip into his pot of gold, I’ll have to stay a cyber-greenie tourist. But for those of you who have the luck o’ the Irish, you read up on Greenbox here.

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