GreenChef Julie Morris | Dairy Free Cheesy Broccoli Bowl

I grew up on broccoli with cheese – my mother made it once a week. Such a delicious combo! Over the years I’ve turned her family classic into an even more eco-friendly and healthy modern dish . . . without sacrificing any of the flavor. This dairy-free and cholesterol-free version brims with calcium, iron and protein, while also complimented by all the wonderful antioxidants and polyphenols from the broccoli.

I like to serve this recipe “as is” (uncooked), enjoying the maximum nutritional potential of these great superfoods. If you’re craving a warm dish though, no worries — simply steam the florets lightly for a few minutes, then combine with the sauce. Either way, the delicious cheesy flavor and addictive broccoli crunch will have you coming back for a healthy second round every time.

Recipe after the jump.

Serves about 2

For the Recipe:


1 tsp Braggs Liquid Aminos

2 Tbsp raw tahini

1 Tbsp coconut oil, melted

1 Tbsp nutritional yeast

¼ tsp paprika

1/8 tsp garlic powder

1½ tsp lemon juice

3 cups finely chopped fresh broccoli florets

1 or 2 Tbsp hemp seeds

Water, if desired

Stir: In a small bowl, mix the nutritional yeast, paprika, and garlic powder together. Stir in the tahini. Pour in the Braggs, lemon juice, and coconut oil and whisk thoroughly. If a thinner sauce is desired, add a little water, a tablespoon at a time.

Combine: Put the broccoli into a larger bowl and pour sauce on top. Toss until evenly coated (for best results, use your hands!) Sprinkle top with hemp seeds and serve. Keeps refrigerated for several days.

  • Danny

    Ugh! Why do raw chefs use that garbage called Bragg's Liquid Aminos? It's liquid MSG. MSG is an 'excitotoxin'. Excitotoxins stimulate the brain until brain cells die. Scary stuff. Not only that, Bragg's is actually a self heated product. As it's being made the temp rises over the raw foods 'limit'. It's basically made by pouring chemicals on beans. Please do your research before adding this 'poison' called Braggs to raw foods. Did you know the USDA made them take off "no MSG" from their label? It's because it contains MSG. Google it and you'll see it's true.

  • Julie Morris

    Hi Danny,

    I use and personally enjoy Braggs for it's salty flavor and relatively low-sodium content. Braggs is made from soybeans – not from synthetic MSG. Here is what a representative from the Braggs family says on the subject:

    "Braggs does not add factory created MSG to Liquid Aminos, however, MSG is found naturally occurring in many foods such as mushrooms, tomatoes, parmesan cheese, and Soybeans, etc. Since Bragg Liquid Aminos is made from Soybeans, there can be trace amounts of naturally occurring MSG. Patricia Bragg is personally very opposed to adding MSG as a food ingredient to foods, and she is very sensitive to MSG. Many of our customers who are very sensitive to MSG never have any adverse reactions to Bragg Liquid Aminos."

    If Braggs still isn't up your alley, you could also replace it with sea salt and a little water to keep it 100% raw and avoid all traces of natural MSG. Hope this helps.

  • Alle

    Yeah, it is MSG. There are a lot of hidden names for it. It gets released from "natural" foods when those foods are highly processed and isolated. So the natural 'bound' glutamate in the food becomes 'free' and concentrated and isolated, which is what makes it a toxin. It is in many highly processed food additives, including protein isolates and regular soy sauce, as it is released when foods naturally high in it are 'hydrolyzed' or fermented. I stay away from all those things and from soy sauce as well.

    There is a good video on it as well. Google Video

  • Danny

    You have confirmed you're an idiot. Instead of Google checking

    on your own, you parrot back what the millionaire maufacturer

    is telling you. A lot of poisonous stuff out there is made from "natural"

    ingredients. The product is essentially liquid MSG. No, you dummy

    they don't "ADD" MSG. They are MAKING MSG. Heating up proteins

    is how MSG is made. Take the time and look it up instead of parroting

    back what the sinister Bragg's millionaires are telling you. Do you think

    they'd tell you the truth when there's an empire at stake?

    If you love your brain and treasure your brain cells, avoid Bragg's. Is

    brain cell protection "up your alley"? Maybe not, since you're already a fool.

  • rothbart

    @PacManPolarBear Mmmm…. broccoli with cheese sauce sounds really good right now. Maybe Bulletstorm will hit the spot!

  • SacredLotusJ

    Making dinner (early): curried tilapia, seasoned broccoli and mac n cheese. Yummy. I’ll need it. I have class at 5. =\


    Nooooooooo u oughta taste my broccoli broccoli and cheese in the microwave<–hmmmm


    Nooooooooo u oughta taste my broccoli broccoli and cheese in the microwave<–hmmmm

  • gliving

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