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chocolate pistachio kiss recipe omid 01 GreenChef Omid | Chocolate Pistachio Kiss

Photographer: Omid

Chocolate Pistachio Kiss (raw)

Creamy, delicious, irresistible and wickedly rich chocolate dessert. It is prepared with totally raw and natural cocoa powder and pistachios. Be good before trying this treate!

Serves about 2 people

For the Chocolate Pistachio Kiss:

1 cup raw cocoa powder

1/2 cup dried pistachios, soaked

2 Tbsp coconut oil

3 Tbsp raw coconut flakes

2 Tsp cocoa butter

Honey (according to your sweet tooth)

1/2 orange, segmented

A pinch of pink Himalayan pink sea salt

chocolate pistachio kiss recipe omid 02 GreenChef Omid | Chocolate Pistachio Kiss

Photographer: Omid

For the Chocolate Pistachio Kiss

    Step 1 Blend all the ingredients together in a blender except for the orange segments.
    Step 2 Then take two 9mm molds and start with the orange segments, then pour the chocolate paste into the mold and place as many orange segments as you like until the molds are full. If you have extra oranges left over… eat them. Then place the two molds in the freezer for about 3 hours to set.

For the Surrounding:

1/2 orange segmented (the other half of the above orange)

1/2 cup dried pistachios, soaked

Pistachios (use some from above)

Edible flowers or whatever you like

For the Garnish:

1/2 cup raw cocoa powder

4 Tbsp cocoa butter

2 Tbsp coconut oil

For the Surrounding

Step 1 Segment the oranges and crush the pistachios a little and set aside until you are ready.

For the Garnish

    Step 1 Blend all the ingredients together. It will be very thick and creamy in consistency, if you do not add any more oil or cocoa powder to make sure it is.
    Step 2 Pour the garnish chocolate into garnish molds of your choice. Here in Japan, I found these simple garnish molds that the cooking school uses not far from our home. Once you have the molds filled with your chocolate mixture, leave it in the freezer until set. I did it the night before I made my Chocolate Pistachio Kisses just to make sure it works fine.

Mounting your Work

    Step 1 Take two white serving plates and arrange the garnish however you like or like in the photo.
    Step 2 Get the molds out, and have some warm water running slowly in the sink. Gently hover the side of your molds under the warm water for a quick second by turning quickly. Then it should just slide off the molds.
    Step 3 Then if you like, you can have some raw cocoa powder sifted on a plate, and place the Chocolate Pistachio Kiss gently on the cocoa powder. Then gently with your hands, you can play around and have some fun putting the cocoa powder on the walls of the Chocolate Pistachio Kisses.
    Step 4 Garnish with your sexy garnishes and you are done.

For the garnish, you can always, tilt your garnish and make it unusual to the eye in a subtle manner so that it could come across artistic.

Case Study
This delicious chocolate dessert with pistachios has a rich, creamy, melt-in-the-mouth texture with a delicate citrus flavor to it.

Raw cocoa powder is less processed and unsweetened, and without any artificial chemicals added to it.
Pistachios have a pale green color (although commercial ones are sometimes colored pink) with a nutty taste and flavor. Coconut oil and coconut flakes are from the dried coconut meat. Though high in saturated fats, they have some very beneficial health effects. Cocoa butter is obtained from the cacao beans and is made in the process of separating cocoa powder. It is colorless and has a chocolatey aroma.

Health Benefits

    1. This is very high in calories, total and saturated fats, but at the same time provides a good amount of proteins. It is so tasty and delicious, but be careful not to consume lots of this dessert.
    2. Good source of iron. It helps in respiration at the cellular level by synthesizing hemoglobin that helps to carry oxygen to cells.
    3. Good source of magnesium. It helps in relieving fatigue, relaxing the muscles, nerves and blood vessels, thus relieving the symptoms of asthma, migraine headaches, tension and soreness in muscles etc.
    4. Excellent source of minerals like zinc, which helps in improving the prostate health and lowering the risk of prostate cancer or BPH. Zinc also quickens wound healing and enhances immunity.
    5. Very good source of copper and manganese. They function as cofactors in various metabolic reactions and enhance the activity of enzymes involved in detoxification process.
    6. Good source of dietary fiber. Aside from promoting healthy bowel function, it can also reduce the absorption of cholesterol, and regulate the blood glucose and cholesterol levels.

Nutritional Information
Each serving of this delicious soup provides the following nutrients:

Calories: 47% (950 Cal); Total Fats: 136%; Saturated Fats: 284%; Carbohydrates: 21%; Proteins: 39%; Fiber: 108%; Iron: 57%; Magnesium: 91%; Phosphorus: 64%; Potassium: 38%; Zinc: 35%; Copper: 143%; Manganese: 156%; Vitamin B6: 27%; Phytonutrients: 88%.

  • Jana

    I literally gasped outloud when I saw this billboard today. You make it look SOOO good! I HAVE to make! Wow. The ingredients look like such low volume to fill that much, I'm curious. Certainly on my list this week. And I never follow recipes.

  • Coralie

    Love it! love it! Love it!

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  • Coralie

    Dear Omid,

    How do you make that little twirly thing on top?

  • http://www.triedtastedserved omid


    In Japan, they have lovely garnishing molds… and it is what I used.

    Another option would be to pour your mixture into one of the muffin

    trays, and have your 9mm mold in the middle… pour only a small

    amount, let it set, then gently scoup it out… and garnish it sitting

    slightly sideways :-)


    *The mixture goes outside the 9mm molds, into the muffin tray.

    * Make sure that your muffin tray is nun sticky :-)

    Good luck,


  • Coralie

    Thanks so much Omid. I'll go looking for some molds.

  • Omid

    You are welcome Coralie, thank you for your excitement ;-)


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  • ginnymorrison

    I'm starving-again; there is so much to pick up; I can't make my body get going;having chocolate cobbler for desse tonight-there is light!

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