GreenChefs | Jerusalem Style Dolma With Zesty Pine Nut Cheese and Sweet Pepper Sauce

omid dolma 01 GreenChefs | Jerusalem Style Dolma With Zesty Pine Nut Cheese and Sweet Pepper Sauce

Photographer: Omid

Jerusalem Style Dolma With Zesty Pine Nut Cheese and Sweet Pepper Sauce (raw, vegan)

Recipe by GreenChef Omid

This is a raw vegan version of the classic Middle Eastern recipe that has grape leaves stuffed with creamy pine nut cheese and a healthy salsa made of alfalfa sprouts, raisins and pine nuts and finished with sweet pepper sauce.

I learned a very similar recipe to this one when I was working in a Moshav in Israel for two months from a dear Palestinian friend when we were invited over for dinner one night after work. The beautiful part was that there were people from different religious background who shared long-lived cultures that are now suffering from past attachments. This is why I decided to call it Jerusalem Style Dolma, because I also share the same vision that we shared that night, the vision of freedom from ourselves.

Serves about 2 people

For the Dolma Leaves:

12 medium-sized brined grape leaves

Step 1 Rinse grape leaves and set them aside on a plate.

For the Sweet Pepper Sauce:

1 large red pepper, deseeded & chopped

¼ cup white onion, chopped

1 clove garlic, grated

1 tomato, sun blushed and chopped

2 Tbsp sunflower oil

2 Tbsp of honey

Himalayan pink sea salt to taste

Step 1 Blend all the ingredients together in a blender for about 2 minutes until it is smooth.

Step 2 Transfer the sauce to a squeeze bottle and let it rest in the fridge (The longer it rests, the better it will taste. You can make the sauce the night before or 2 hours prior to eating).

For the Zesty Pine Nut Cheese:

1 cup pine nuts, soaked in water

3 Tsp ginger

1 clove garlic

2 Tbsp nama shoyu

2 Tsp sesame seed oil

2 Tsp coconut oil

Juice of 1 lemon

Step 1 Blend all the ingredients together in a blender until it is very smooth. Place this cheese in a bowl, cover and refrigerate.

For the Sprouts & Raisin Salsa:

2 cups alfalfa sprouts

4 Tbsp raisins

4 Tbsp pine nuts, crushed

2 Tbsp thyme, finely chopped

8 manzanilla green olives, finely chopped

Step 1 Toss all the ingredients together in a large mixing bowl. Set aside.

For the Garnish:

1 Tbsp pine nuts, crushed

2 stems fennel (with leaves), torn with hands

1 Tsp hemp seed oil


omid dolma 02 GreenChefs | Jerusalem Style Dolma With Zesty Pine Nut Cheese and Sweet Pepper Sauce

Photographer: Omid

Mounting the Masterpiece Together

Step 1 On a cutting board, place 2 dolma leaves side by side slightly overlapping each other (if they are too small use 3).

Step 2 In the center of the leaves, place a generous tablespoon of the zesty pine nut cheese.

Step 3 On top of the cheese, place a generous tablespoon of the sprouts and raisin salsa.

Step 4 Fold the side of the leaves in and roll from the bottom up to form a neat little packet. Prepare all the dolmas like this.

Step 5 When all the dolmas are done (about 6), cut them in half with a slight diagonal cut. Place them on a plate with the stuffing facing up.

Step 6 Take two serving plates, squeeze the sweet pepper sauce and make a square (or whatever you like).

Step 7 Now carefully place 6 half dolmas in the center of each square on the plate roughly in a circle.

Step 8 Sprinkle the crushed pine nuts, torn fennel leaves and drizzle a few drops of hemp seed oil on top of the dolmas.

Step 9 Serve immediately and relish the divine experience of Middle Eastern cuisine a la Raw.


You can prepare the dolmas a day or two in advance and refrigerate. Make sure you do not cut the dolmas before hand though. Perfect dish if you are busy on the day you are receiving guests or just because you want less stress…, just take the dolmas out of the refrigerator, cut them, sprinkle the garnish and serve. That is what I call fast Gourmet food!

Case Study

Jerusalem Style Dolma is a classic dish in many Middle Eastern countries with slight variations. Generally, it is made by stuffing the vine leaves or cabbage leaves (or any other leafy vegetables) with other vegetables, nuts, and dried fruits. This recipe is a completely raw vegan version of the famous recipe. Made with raw, natural and fresh ingredients, it is very rich in healthy nutrients, flavor and fats. With a variety of fresh spices and herbs, it has a very aromatic flavor that arouses your senses. It is easy to prepare and can be prepared up to a day or two in advance, refrigerated, and cut and served whenever you need.

  • The wrapping leaves, brined grape leaves, are generally raw leaves soaked in a brine solution that makes them more palatable and flavorful.
  • Raw sweet pepper sauce made from sweet red pepper, tomato, honey, onion and garlic is easy to prepare and truly delicious. You can use this for other dishes as well, if you like, and after you taste this sauce, you would not want to go to the store-bought sauce any more.
  • The zesty pine nut cheese has a very rich creamy taste. Pine nuts are very good sources of vitamins, minerals, good fats and protein.
  • The salsa is made with alfalfa sprouts, raisins, pine nuts, and manzanilla olives, and is a wonderful combination of flavors, textures and mouth feel.
  • These rolled up and cut dolmas are a feast to the eye and to your taste buds.

Health Benefits

  1. This dish is very rich in calories, fats and saturated fats and all the other essential nutrients.
  2. Good source of protein, good fats and dietary fiber, it is very rich and filling. This dish is very high in fats and saturated fats, so make sure you enjoy this delicious recipe only occasionally.
  3. Excellent source of vitamin A, which enhances the eye sight, reduces acne, and result in smooth healthy and radiant skin.
  4. Excellent source of vitamin C, a natural water soluble antioxidant, that enhances the body’s immune system, increases the elasticity of skin and blood vessels, and prevents bruising of the skin.
  5. Excellent source of Vitamin E, which functions as a natural antioxidant and along with copper and manganese, is very effective in neutralizing the free radicals in the body, thus reducing the risk of cardiovascular, degenerative and anti-inflammatory diseases and a variety of cancers.
  6. Excellent source of Vitamin K. It plays a very important role in depositing calcium in the bones, thus increasing the bone mineral density and also reducing the risk of osteoporosis in elderly women.
  7. Good source of iron, that helps build the hemoglobin content in the blood and also reduces the risk of anemia.
  8. Good source of magnesium that helps in relieving fatigue, relaxing the muscles, nerves and blood vessels, thus relieving the symptoms of asthma, migraine headaches, tension and soreness in muscles etc.
  9. Good source of zinc that helps in improving the prostate health and lowering the risk of prostate cancer or BPH. Zinc also quickens wound healing and enhances immunity.
  10. Very good source of copper, which reduces the risk of inflammatory diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, enhances the activity of enzymes that are needed to maintain the elasticity of blood vessels, ligaments and joints.
  11. Moderate source of B-group vitamins like niacin, vitamin B6, and folic acid, all of which are essential for energy production, and also as cofactors for many metabolic reactions.
  12. Good source of dietary fiber, which helps in regulating the bowel functions, reducing the risk of various intestinal disorders like hemorrhoids, constipation, IBS, etc. Dietary fiber also reduces the absorption of cholesterol and also regulates the blood glucose and cholesterol levels.

Nutritional Facts

Calories: 59% (1180 Cal); Total Fats: 126%; Saturated Fats: 58%; Carbohydrates: 22%; Proteins: 38%; Fiber: 54%; Iron: 43%; Magnesium: 70%; Phosphorus: 65%; Potassium: 32%; Sodium: 87%; Zinc: 45%; Copper: 96%; Manganese: 445%; Vitamin A: 88%; Vitamin C: 185%; Vitamin E: 92%; Vitamin K: 91%; Riboflavin: 23%; Niacin: 30%; Phytosterols: 193 mg.

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