G Living Presents Our GreenChefs Pilot Episode

greenchefs pilot episode G Living Presents Our GreenChefs Pilot Episode

We have decided to share with everyone, our pilot episode of GreenChefs. This is just a rough idea, what the show would be like. Hope everyone enjoys the show. Feed back is more than welcome and again, anyone out there interested in helping us take the shows to broadcast TV, please reach out and let us hear from you.

Recorded ‘as live’, Green Chefs is a plant-based cooking show like you’ve never seen before. Each 30 min episode features four incredible themed recipes to satisfy the palate and curiosity of any food lover. Set in the high-end designer kitchen of our Venice studios, three cameras cover every angle and each delectable close-up.

Join our G host, Sarah Backhouse, as she introduces us to the top chefs in green cuisine. Together they use the freshest and finest organic ingredients to create truly sumptuous plant-based dishes. With a splash of attitude and good measure rock n’ roll, our slick, glossy on-air look and feel will leave you wanting more. Green Chefs. Eat Green. Be Happy.

Some notes on the pilot:
* In the GreenChefs, Sarah would be joined by co-host and guest GreenChefs
** The show would either be shot in front of a live audience or be pre-recorded to exude a ‘live’ feel

  • granny k

    I am new to the whole raw food area and do still eat some cooked food. I would like to comment on todays cooking show. The first item the drink was fine and the cooking segment looked good but a replacement for the white flour phylo would be much needed. With all organic ingredients I would like to know if they now make a rice flour or oat flour phylo also the fat replacement used was poor couldn't safflower oil or coconut butter have been used with the same results. Now onto the thai salad it was wonderful. Last the brownie it was not good soy or tofu is really bad on a body and should not be consumed. A good substitute would have been mashed avacado for one example. I really did like the thai noodle salad presentation and the drink. I don't really watch cooking shows but he did a beautiful presentation and the mushroom discs looked like I would have liked smellavision.

  • Missy_Belle

    Loved the raw thai salad segment. The strudel recipe was too long and difficult. Great show overall.

  • tarabetts

    I am becoming increasingly fascinated with cooking shows, cookbooks, and vegan versions of amazing recipes.

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