GreenChefs | Raw Sunday Dessert Tart

Raw Sunday Dessert Tart (raw, vegan)

Recipe by GreenChef Melissa Davison

Today in the G Living GreenChef Kitchen, Raw Food Chef, Melissa Davison makes us era Raw Sunday Tart. Melissa of the own of the Terra Bella Café in Redondo Beach California.

This is a healthy alternative recipe, which require no cooking and contains only raw organic natural ingredients.

Serves about 8 people

For the Crust:

2 3/4 Cup Macadamia Nuts

1/3 tsp Salt

1/4 Cup Pecans

3 TB Coconut Oil

Step 1 Place all your ingredients in a food processor

Step 2 Using the pulse button on the food processor, mix your ingredients, until it is a loose and crumbly. (do not of mix)

Step 3 Pour into a tart pan and spread with your hands

melissa davison greenchef tart 03 GreenChefs | Raw Sunday Dessert Tart

For the Filling:

2 Cups Young Coconut Meat

1 TB Coconut Oil

1 tsp Vanilla

1/2 Cup Agave Nector

1 Cup Cashews Pre-Soaked

Step 1 Open your baby coconuts

Step 2 Place all your ingredient into a blender

Step 3 Blend unit all the ingredient is a smooth butter texture

Step 4 Pour mixture into your tart crust

For the Topping:

1 pt Fresh Strawberries

2 Firm Ripe Bananas

2 TB Raw Organic Chocolate Sauce

Step 1 Slice all your fruit and then place on top of your Tart and drizzle your chocolate over the entire tart.


melissa davison greenchef tart 04 GreenChefs | Raw Sunday Dessert Tart

melissa davison greenchef tart 05 GreenChefs | Raw Sunday Dessert Tart

  • Don

    Well, this meal raw sunday desert tart looks amazing good. However, it is also amazingly filled with fat. The fat content per serving must be 50% or higher??? Just because something is raw doesn't mean it is necessarily healthier. Research has shown that ALL oils cause heart disease. True, the tropical oils (i.e. coconut, olive, etc) don't raise the blood LDL as much as saturated fats/oils. For that reason many have erroneously concluded that tropical oils are healthy oils. This couldn't be further from the truth. Based on the research of Lawrence Rudder with that African Green Monkeys, showing that tropical mono and poly unsaturated oils do equal damage to the arteries, as well as the well known brachial artery tourniquet test, we have thoroughly concluded that ALL oils cause plaque buildup and should be avoided entirely. This goes for the poly unsaturated oils contained in ALL nuts. Thus, like ALL oils, nuts are bad.

    I have been a vegan for several years now. I frequently see vegan, and even raw diets that are equally as unhealthy as fully cooked non-vegan diets. Mainly due to the fats and oils included in the diets. Not only is this diet incorrect, it perpetuates the myth that there are oils out there that are good for you and make you healthy. Again, this is absolutely not true.

    I would love to see a raw meal prepared that does not include the insane amounts of fats that were added to this meal. Furthermore, I would love to see one with NO fats and oils.

    Having said that, I love your website and enjoy it lots.



    Don, I agree in part. The recipe is really great tasting, and it is a dessert. But your right, that many raw and even vegan recipes are a bit heavy. I eat a lot of whole foods and add in the heavy nut recipes only as a treat.

    We happy you like the site, this take a lot of work and we hope to continue to improve it as we go. We love feed back, good or bad. So thank you.

  • mimi kirk

    you are really bad girls…i just made the sunday desert tart. licked the spoon from the filling and knew right then you were naughty…wow, is that delish. i think my boyfriend is in for a treat tonight. i put strawberries and peaches on top and will put the banana on before i serve along with the cacao drippings…just a little piece for me, but i might sleep walk to the frig. tonight. being a raw food person its nice to have a decadent goodie once in a while. thanx. love g-living and have turned many friends on to your site. xoxox

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