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GreenChefs | Uncheesy Cassis Cake

Posted By vegalicious On February 28, 2009 @ 6:39 am In Full Recipe List,Recipes / Desserts,Recipes / Vegan | No Comments

Uncheesy Cassis Cake (vegan)
Recipe by Veganlicious

The smooth rich taste of blackcurrant cheesecake. This lovely uncheesy cake was very easy to make and the taste was divine.

Serves 2 people

For the Uncheesy Cake:


1 1/2 cups plain soy yogurt, drained of water

2 Tbs. cashew butter

    Step 1 Pour the soy yogurt into a cheesecloth, bring the edges up so that the yogurt remains in a little pouch.

    Step 2 Allow the yogurt to drip for at least 1 hour or over night, to remove all the excess water.

    Step 3 When the soy yogurt is ready, scrape it into a bowl add the cashew butter and powdered sugar and mix well.

    Step 3 It should be only mildly sweet. If you wish it to be more tart, you could add some lemon juice, but the cassis is also a bit tast so I found it not necessary to add lemon juice.

For the Jam:


1-2 Cups of berries

3-4 TB Sugar

2 tsp. corn starch

1-2 Tbs. Powdered sugar

    Step 1 If you have fresh blackcurrants, then boil 1-2 cups of berries in 1/2 cup water with 3-4 tablespoons of sugar.

    Step 2 When the berries have cooked, push them through a sieve and allow to cool.

    Step 3 Or, if you do not have the fresh berries, you can buy either blackcurrant (cassis) jam, blackberry jam or blueberry jam.

    Step 4 Place 1 cup in a small sauce pan with a bit of water and the corn starch. Heat, stirring continually until the jam has thickened and is clear.

    Step 5 Allow to cool.

For the Crust:


20 vegan cookies

2 Tbs. brown sugar

2 Tbs. vegan margarine

    Step 1 Crush the cookies to the consistency of fine crumbs in a food processor, or using a rolling pin.

    Step 2 Add the brown sugar and mix well.

    Step 3 Melt the vegan margarine.

    Step 4 Drizzle the vegan margarine over the crumbs and mix well.


To Assemble

    Step 1 Mix 1/4-1/2 cup of the cassis jam into the yogurt mixture, depending upon how strong you want the cassis flavor to be. Be sure to save enough for a ayer of pure cassis jam for the top.

    Step 2 Spray the form with cooking spray.

    Step 3 Place the form on the plates you intend to use to serve.

    Step 4 Place the cookie crumbs on the bottom and firmly press.

    Step 5 Carefully fill the cassis cheesecake into the form, filling almost up to the top.

    Step 6 Finally place a thin layer of cassis jam on the top.

    Step 7 Refrigerate for at least 4 hours, or better overnight.

To unmold, some use the heat of a kitchen blowtorch around the edge to warm the inner area and then slide the cake out.
I loosened the edge with a knife, being careful not to move up and down but, along the inner surface of the ring.


If blackberries or blue berries can be used instead of the black currents. I did not want to make a large traditional cheesecake, so decided to make 2 small ones, using pastry rings. They were perfect for Sunday afternoon tea.



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