Greenhouse | Green Nightlife in NYC

greenclubbing 01 Greenhouse | Green Nightlife in NYC

Green is about to become MK Olsen cool with the launch of the world’s first eco nightclub in NYC. The not-so-imaginatively titled Greenhouse is expected to open this winter at a so-far “secret” location — somewhere in the vicinity of West 21st Street and Tenth Avenue in Manhattan.

The club’s launch party earlier this year at Parisian nightclub Le Baron was rumored to be a sexy, sultry and smoke-filled affair hosted by models Jessica Stam and Carmen Kass. Among the revelers were Lily Cole, Rebekah McCabe, Scott Morrison, MK and a shirtless Bruce Willis – yikes.

greenclubbing 02 Greenhouse | Green Nightlife in NYC

Greenhouse is being constructed and decorated in an eco-friendly manner, but what can we expect from this “new approach to nightlife”? A vintage dress code? A hybrid-only valet? An organic bar? While details are sketchy, you can expect to dance atop recycled tables under energy efficient disco balls.

I think it’ll be interesting to see how the not-so-obvious partnership of green and clubbing will do. Says hybrid driving Charity Water ambassador Stam, “I’m not sure an eco-friendly nightclub is gonna fly, but it’s raising awareness. Every little bit helps.”

Sure does. And if there’s no interest, we can enlist the services of a semi-naked Willis every night to really draw in the crowds.

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