Habitat Hotel | Solar and Flashy

habitat hotel 02 Habitat Hotel | Solar and Flashy

The longer I stare at Habitat Hotel, the more I realize what an inspiring, albeit superfluous, idea it was. Created by Enric Ruis-Geli of Spain, the model of Habitat Hotel was exhibited in “New Spanish Architects” at the MoMA last year. While Enric heads up Cloud 9 Archictecture, his background is heavy in directing and set design for experimental theater. This past adds a spectacular quality to this model, now a permanent piece in MoMA’s collection.

Habitat Hotel is, however, a brightly lit model of a hotel, so it’s hard not to think Vegas. A Vegas hotel with smarts.

habitat hotel 04 Habitat Hotel | Solar and Flashy

habitat hotel 01 Habitat Hotel | Solar and Flashy

The working scale model of the hotel is surrounded with a web-like or mesh curtain of lights with individual nodes that collect the sun’s energy during the day, and at night give off a specific color according to the amount of energy collected. While the idea behind this project may not be entirely solar, implementing an idea like this on a larger scale could significantly cut high hotel electric bills.

As more and more hotels try to make green hotel standards, the idea behind Enric’s Habitat Hotel becomes more significant. Here’s a small-scale example of going solar without diminishing the Vegas flash.

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