Hacked: Mini Cooper’s All-Electric Car

mincooper convertible Hacked:  Mini Coopers All Electric Car

Let’s get something straight. I love the look of BMW’s Mini Cooper and would buy it in a second — if only it were a hybrid diesel or an all-electric car with interface fabric seats. Sadly BMW doesn’t make the Mini with any of these options, so I have held off and continue riding my bike.

Maybe that is all about to change. Companies like Hybrid Technologies have begun hacking small cars like the Mini and replacing their gas engines with zero-emission, all-electric motors and lithium batteries. A great idea — if you can afford to pay almost twice the price for a “converted” Mini. Parts are expensive to do this one at a time. The only way the price will come down is if, BMW and other companies decide there is a real demand and they start producing them. After the jump, watch a short clip by Popular Mechanics featuring a test drive of the hacked, all-electric Mini Cooper.

Here is part of an article on the subject by Popular Mechanics:
“What may come as a surprise to anybody interested in driving electric is that you can have one of these vehicles right now, for about $50,000. The week after they let us drive their electric roadster, Hybrid Technologies brought a lithium ion-powered Mini Cooper by our New York offices for a test drive (see video) to show us, not the future of electric cars, but the present. Hybrid avoids the cost of developing a ground-up electric vehicle by ripping the powertrains out of standard vehicles and replacing those guts with electric innards.”

You can buy your own electric car conversion straight from Hybrid Technologies.com.

  • karma

    the mini cooper is one of the greenest cars out there….electric or not! it has one of the best ratings on gas mileage even beating many models of hybrids that are out there. i'm pretty sure that the fabric seats you'd still have to manage on your own :)
    and another thought about hybrids and/or electric cars….what about the effect that the EMF's (electro magnetic fields) coming from these cars has on our long term health!? there is a lot of controversy on this subject, and no one really knows the effects….yet. but we do know that everything else that emits positive ions (computers, cell phones, microwaves, radios, anything electric.), can screw up our systems- hence salt lamps that counteract the positive ions with negative ions.
    just more food for thought!

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