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hallelujah diet Hallelujah Diet | Health By God

The Hallelujah diet is “biblically-based, scientifically-validated and personally-evidenced” by 73-year-old Reverend George Malkmus. According to the internet intelligence gathering service Hitwise, it’s currently enjoying its status as the most searched-for diet in America. Promoted as God’s way to health, Malkmus who apparently cured himself of colon cancer on the diet, asks his followers: “What did God tell man in Genesis 1:29? That your food shall be all of those plants that are in that garden”.

Of Eden, that is.

So, what exactly is this diet? Well, for a start it’s not a “diet”, it’s a “lifestyle”, consisting of mostly raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and whole grains; minimal consumption of steamed or cooked vegetables; natural fats; and no animal products, refined or processed foods, additives or preservatives.

Sound familiar? Does to me. That’s because it’s a predominantly raw plant-based diet dressed up in a monk’s robe. A Skinny Bitch from the pulpit, if you please.

But hey, in a country where 75% of adults will be overweight by 2015 (Johns Hopkins University) and 82% currently identify with a Christian faith (Christian Post), the Hallelujah diet just might be the modern day savior we so desperately need.

So, before you go and reach for than can of soda, ask yourself: “Would Adam and Eve drink this?”

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