Hands Off My Nuts, Uncle Sam!

almonds1 gliving Hands Off My Nuts, Uncle Sam!
A few years ago, someone got sick on some raw almonds and the government’s solution was to process them all before they reach the market. Now the solution is making a lot of people sick. And nuts.

If you haven’t been following the news regarding the Almond Board’s battle with the USDA, it has taken another turn for the worse. The request to delay the controversial treatment plan to pasteurize the crops has been rejected.

They say they’re just trying to look out for us and keep us from harm. I get that and thanks. The plus side to the issue is that more than 1.3 billion pounds of Californian almonds worth a reported $1.4 billion can be sold to markets more far reaching than North America. The negative impact, however, is to the entire raw food industry as pasteurization strips the nuts of their natural state. Last I checked, nature made everything perfect and was totally in balance with itself.

almonds2 gliving Hands Off My Nuts, Uncle Sam!

If you’re asking yourself “What should I do about it?” you’re on the right track. You see, Uncle Sam is trying to look out for his people. By my accounts, he’s already mis-managed and manipulated many of nature’s food supply systems. If nature gives us a bad nut and someone gets sick, is it right for the government to pasteurize the entire population of nuts? What happened to natural selection? So, can you do? Click here, type a note and take a stand.

Remember, your nuts are at stake.

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