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harrison ford conservation international Harrison Ford | Green Action Hero

No matter what you consider the ultimate Harrison Ford role — Indiana Jones, Han Solo Jack Ryan – it’s hard not to be a fan of Harrison Ford the environmentalist who works with Conservation International, “supporting biodiversity research, protecting endangered species, and working to persuade corporations with a history of polluting the planet to become stewards of it instead.”

National Geographic’s website has a terrific interview in honor of Earth Day with the actor turned “eco-action figure” — one that reveals the 65-year-old superstar to be a down-to-earth conservationist who says after buying property in Jackson, Wyoming, he “felt a sense of stewardship for the Earth that I hadn’t really experienced before.”

On why environmentalists teaming up with major-polluting corporations is not a compromise: “We’ve worked hard to influence those people who have an effect on the environment, and that includes large multinational corporations. I’m very comfortable with our relationships with these companies. I feel we have the opportunity to influence them in effective ways.”

On why partnering with global corporations is not as destructive as it seems: “One of the tenets of CI has always been to offer economic opportunities in developing countries, where providing for people’s basic needs puts a lot of pressure on the environment. By adopting better practices, international corporations can be very important partners in protecting nature.”

Does this make Harrison the new Leo? Naaaahh… Harrison’s way cooler than that.

Read the full interview here.

(via National Geographic and Ecorazzi)

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