A Real Life Whale Super Hero Hayden Panettiere

hayden whales 002 A Real Life Whale Super Hero Hayden Panettiere

Upon seeing a website called “Panettiere’s Closet”, I thought the young actress/activist was planning to make an announcement about her personal life. But according to my favorite news source, Star Magazine, it seems the “Heroes” hottie and Milo Ventimiglia are still going strong.

So, what exactly is in Hayden’s closet? Items she’s worn to award shows (and some still-wrapped items she hasn’t) that she’s selling to aid her “fight to raise awareness about the threats dolphins and other whales face worldwide.”

hayden whales 003 A Real Life Whale Super Hero Hayden Panettiere

Somebody please give Hayden a medal for her dedication. It’s one thing to lend your name to a cause, but lending your time (and your clothes) is another. Not only has the actress gone to Japan and swam through bloody waters to personally protest the cruel slaughter of whales, she’s also appeared at demonstrations in our nation’s capital and plans to continue her rainbow tour with visits to the embassies of Iceland, Norway and Japan.

Most 18-year-old celebs (and plenty of older ones who should know better) seem to be out partying and flashing their bits to the cameras.

hayden whales 004 A Real Life Whale Super Hero Hayden Panettiere

But back to the closet. What sort of items are on the block? Hayden T-shirts, dresses, shoes, accessories. All good stuff from what I could tell. And — despite not being in the loop vis-à-vis women’s clothing — everything seemed reasonably priced to me. You can even get a personally autographed photo for $50. And all proceeds are going to Save the Whales Again!, for which Hayden is a spokeswoman.

I personally spent half an hour looking at clothes — even though I doubt none of the sized 1 to 4 garments would fit me.

But you don’t have to purchase anything to show your support. Part of Hayden’s campaign is to urge consumers “not to purchase any Japanese-made products until Japan stops killing all dolphins and whales.” Other ways to get involved (via Save The Whales Again!) are to call or e-mail President Bush to let him know you want the U.S. to use its sanctioning powers available under the Pelly Amendment against Japan, Norway, and Iceland until they stop whaling — (202) 456-2461 — or contact your U.S. Representatives and Senators on (202) 224-3121.

hayden whales 001 A Real Life Whale Super Hero Hayden Panettiere

“Not only are these animals being cruelly slaughtered,” Hayden was quoted as saying by The Washington Post, “the meat is contaminated by huge levels of mercury… And [the United States is] not taking a stand because Japan is one of our biggest allies in the war on terror. But Australia is an ally and they’ve told Japan what they think, and good on them!”

And good on you, too, Hayden.

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    How old is this post??? This happened a year ago… If your gonna repurpose content, at least update the name of hte president!

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