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A Healthy Body | Spring Cleaning

Posted By Omid On February 18, 2009 @ 12:15 am In Fitness/Diet,G Living | 4 Comments

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If you live in a country that has four seasons, you have probably realized that your body goes through major changes during these transitions. In winter you probably crave more fatty foods and in spring you probably crave lighter foods such as salads and fruits. During this change, a reduced intake of fats alters the body metabolism and allows the cleansing organs like the liver and the kidneys to do their job. When you eat less, these cleansing organs are able to perform their cleansing tasks very well due to a decrease in the consumption of fats and the organs are free to flush out the harmful toxins like pharmaceutical residues, pesticides and preservatives from our body. A non-detoxified fatter body is prone to constipation, anemia, diarrhea, depression, hormonal imbalances and the worst of them all: a weak immune system.

A detoxified body is free from harmful toxins and leads to fat-burning and a reduction in the body weight which is a prerequisite for a healthier and a longer life. Winter is a season of laziness and slumber, spring is the time when nature becomes active. Therefore, it is also a time for the body to become more dynamic and expel the accumulated waste.

Detoxification is a completely enriching process which restores vitality to your body and also allows it to build up its strength and vigor. Your body is like a temple and what better way to maintain the sanctity of your body then by getting it detoxified. Detoxification is a very fulfilling process which truly enlivens your body and lifts up your spirits with augmented levels of physical energy. Moreover, it should become a top priority in today’s hectic lifestyles where one has no time for exercise and toxins get rapidly accumulated in the body.

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Technically speaking, detoxification and cleansing is a process wherein a person reduces intake of foods high in fats and also foods like coffee, processed foods and increases consumption of raw foods to burn fats which have accumulated in the body in the colder months due a fat-rich diet.

It is a major diet transition method also known as “spring cleanse” usually adopted during spring months and is increasingly becoming popular among people. This change in dietary patterns also increases energy levels.

A detoxified body has enhanced immunity and is able to resist diseases very well. Detoxification also involves a complete change in the lifestyle of a person and adoption of a healthier way of living.

Colon cleansing involves a series of treatments leading to an eviction of the harmful toxins from the large intestine. It involves homeopathic treatments and also acupuncture for the purification of the body. Moreover, colon cleansing is a lengthy treatment with regular sessions over a fixed time span. Take a detoxification treatment and just give yourself something that your body truly deserves and you will long for some more of it.

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Some Solutions with Raw Food for Cleansing

There are many solutions available in the market for cleansing. The following are the more prominent ones. Bok Choy is a perfect remedial solution for spring cleansing. This green leafy vegetable is easily available in the spring season. Moreover, Baby Bok Choy is a tender version of this vegetable which can be very advantageous for detoxification. Try to grow this vegetable in your backyard. Baby Bok Choy can be added to a smoothie or a salad. Spinach can also be an excellent green for achieving detoxification.

There can also be many other vegetables like the alfalfa, kale and mung beans which are very effective cleansing agents. Along with the consumption of these natural foods, one should avoid the consumption of sugar, alcohol and white flour products. Detoxification is a very extensive process comprising many other elements like eating cleansing capsules and colon cleansing which is more popularly known as hydrotherapy. There are many herbs like milk thistle, dandelion and stinging nettle that are very useful detoxification remedies. Out of these ingredients, milk thistle contains a very strong ingredient called Silymarine which can be taken in either capsule or liquid form.

So make a shopping list, go to the store and start your detox today.

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