Heidi Fleiss | Sustainable Madam

heidi fleiss Heidi Fleiss | Sustainable Madam

Even though Heidi Fleiss already has plenty of labels attached to her name — Hollywood madam, ex-con, hustler, businesswoman — she can now add two more: environmentalist and parrot lady.

Yes, the woman who ran a multimillion dollar underground prostitution ring before getting busted and spending three years in prison for tax evasion is now living with 24 parrots in the Nevada desert, where she plans to open a sustainable spa for women that will provide facials, massages and sex with hunky men-for-hire.

In next month’s issue of Elle magazine, Fleiss discusses her comeback with the “world’s first legal, wind-powered brothel for women with exclusively male hookers (and a spa)” that will be operated by turbines she plans to erect on the 60 acres of desert she bought just outside of Pahrump, Nevada.

Nearly nine years after her release from prison, Heidi Fleiss still selling sex. But she’ll also be selling wind power back to the grid.

In addition, this self-confessed “tree hugger” is an avid animal lover, says the magazine. Also in the works is a large parrot facility — a pollution-free auditorium-like structure that will, according to Fleiss, “be like a jungle where my birds can really fly! Where they can really do what they’re supposed to do.”

Sex, animals and energy… Nice to see Heidi doing her part.

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