Hello G Friends!

btcelements sale summer Hello G Friends!
Summer Bowen here. You’ll be seeing me on the G Living Network talking about green fashion and sustainability. I’m looking forward to bringing you new and interesting stories about buying green. We’ll have a great time talking to pioneer fashion designers, learning about sustainable fabrics, and reviewing the latest eco-styles.

A little about me: I grew up in Northern California, worked in the fashion industry while attending UC Berkeley and spent several years teaching. Life changed direction about a year ago when I founded BTC Elements, an online source for earth-friendly and socially conscious products. The company started out of my desire to be a responsible consumer. I’d spend hours of my free time searching for green and fair trade clothes, home furnishings and gifts. Sorting through the facts and looking for quality and style was a full-time job in itself as a working professional, and I just didn’t have the time! I went ahead and started my company with the goal of streamlining the process for like-minded consumers. I wanted change, so I decided to be the change, which is what BTC stands for. My studies in sociology and conservation, background in fashion and experience in education have certainly helped along the way.

Currently, I live in Santa Monica with my musician husband, run my green company, and am doing my part to help the ol’ earth by living the G lifestyle — riding my bike, growing an organic porch garden, toting around my recycled canvas bag and having a fabulous time all the while.

  • http://gliving.tv Francis Battaglia

    Summer, you rock!

    Thanks so much for representing the next wave in fashion, design and sustainability for all of us here at G Living.

    Forward-thinking designers, we salute you. Rock on!


  • http://greenlagirl.com green la girl

    Congrats dude!

  • http://btcelements.com Summer

    Hey thanks guys!

  • http://fabulouslygreen.blogspot.com Stephanie

    Hi Summer,

    It’s great to see you covering fashion for G! I’m a fan of your boutique BTC Elements–you’ve got a great eye for style.

    Your fellow G Fashion blogger,

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