Henrik Schwarz | Live And Smoking Hot

henrik schwarz 001 Henrik Schwarz | Live And Smoking Hot

Review by David Day, BPM Magazine

Henrik Schwarz is blowing up. From his played-to-death remix of Coldcut’s “Walk a Mile in My Shoes” to the smokin’ hot “Where We At” (featuring a Vocal of the Year from Derrick Carter), the guy is everywhere.

K7 latched on with an episode of DJ Kicks a few months back and now brings us a whole disc of Schwarz productions on this lovely, 73-minute jamsicle. How our man manages to mine deep techno cycles and loungey loops astounds here. From the nearly tear-inducing remix of “Vuoi Vuoi” to his take on James Brown’s “It’s a Man’s World,” the German wunderkind fits so perfectly between the vacant Buddha-Beat shoe store style and classic house heft he should get some kind of award.

henrik schwarz 004 Henrik Schwarz | Live And Smoking Hot

Don’t let the surname fool you (Schwarz = Black), Henrik is white as winter snow, but the realness he shows from track to track should have him throwing down with his Detroit brethren at will. Live brings us one step closer to a singular taste in dance music, which is so, so necessary.

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