Hillary Clinton Wants To Be President, Can She Hold On And Win?

hillaryclinton 01 Hillary Clinton Wants To Be President, Can She Hold On And Win?

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Hillary says yes. And having recently benefited from seeing a Clinton stumping from the back of a pickup, and after shaking hands with, er… Bill… in Kalispell, Montana, I can tell you that Hillary is not giving up the fight until the last primary vote is counted.

And good for her. So what if she comes off as robotic and out of touch? So what if she didn’t leave Bill the Thrill after Lewinsky-gate? So what if she cashed in on 8 years of first-ladyship with $ millions in public appearance fees. And so what if she didn’t really get shot at in Bosnia. Maybe we need a woman’s touch in the White House — and not just as the First Lady.

The real problem is the politics of primaries. It’s difficult to take two candidates who differ only slightly (in terms of philosophy, not body structure) and make them point out their differences. In terms of solutions on paper, Hillary has the advantage. In terms of an inspirational message that people can identify with, Barack is miles ahead. Hillary has the brass tacks get-r-done, Barack the city on the hill we shall not be moved.

hillaryclinton 02 Hillary Clinton Wants To Be President, Can She Hold On And Win?

So, who’s more qualified? Hillary’s resume is more impressive, but only 55% of Americans in a CBS poll say they’re ready for a female president. Interestingly though, 92% say they would vote for a female president from their party if she were qualified. Will we ever find a better qualified woman for president? (Laura Bush, are you listening?)

How “G” is Hillary? Her energy plan is comprehensive and revolutionary compared to 8 years of Big Oil. It includes cap and trade on emissions, increased renewable funding, “Green Vehicle Bonds” that will help automakers re-tool existing plants, affordable green housing, and a requirement that all new federal buildings be zero-emissions starting on inauguration day, 2009. She wins the environmental race hands down (which you can read more about here.)

hillaryclinton 03 Hillary Clinton Wants To Be President, Can She Hold On And Win?

But let’s be realistic, Hill won’t win without a major Barack meltdown on a Chernobyl scale. Break out the cigars anyway (easy, Billy boy). Although we’re all suffering campaign fatigue, people in America are talking real issues again AND there are thousands of new voters who are going help us run the oil rats out of the White House. We can all smoke to that.

Can anyone believe that we’re even discussing whether to vote for a black man or a white woman for president? Regardless of what happens, this is EXCITING.

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