Hold Your Breath For the Air Car

0 Hold Your Breath For the Air Car

For those of you read our recent story about compressed air vehicles and are salivating for the far-off date in which you’ll be able to buy one in the U.S., grab a towel and clean yourself up.

According to Business Green, the air car will available in the U.S. as early as next year. The vehicle, made by Zero Pollution Motors, will be loaded with the usual safety features (airbags and ABS) and the eagerly anticipated 75-horsepower compressed-air six-cylinder engine that’s alleged to get you up to 96 mph. If you confine it to the streets (rather than the racetrack), you’re likely to have an operating range of 848 miles with a whopping fuel economy equivalent of 106 mpg.

Virtually emission-free (“virtually” meaning the car will have to use small amounts of fossil fuel to push the air into the chamber and heat it appropriately), the six-seater features technology developed by France’s Motor Development International (MDI).

Reservations will be taken in early 2008 with a projected delivery in late ’09 or ’10. The estimated cost for Zero Pollution’s air car is $17,800, which is more than our early calculations but well beyond affordable, given the fuel perks and intense coolness factor.

For more on the compressed air car, read this.

0 Hold Your Breath For the Air Car 0 Hold Your Breath For the Air Car

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