Hollywood Goes For The Green

11thh1 gliving Hollywood Goes For The Green
“The 11th Hour” hits all the right buttons. I was shocked, shamed, educated and even horrified (was the shot of the seal clubbing really necessary?). Producer and narrator Leonardo DiCaprio’s 91 minute condemnation of our planetary abuse may not be particularly entertaining, but it’s an important film with a worthwhile message — namely that we’re running out of time.

The movie takes us on a journey through our various misdeeds and misjudgments, many of which are blamed on our dependence on fossil fuels and how our insatiable need for expansion and wealth is ultimately to blame for our abuse of the earth’s natural resources.

11thh2 gliving Hollywood Goes For The Green

It was all very logical and it all made sense to me: our individual and corporate greed has led to the cutting of too many trees, the melting of too much ice and the death of clean air, among many other things. Materialism has turned our relationship with the planet into an “Us vs Them” situation. And we’re losing. And we have to act now or there will be serious consequences. We will have lost.

11thh3 gliving Hollywood Goes For The Green

Which made me wonder: if the message presented in this film is so important (which I believe it is), why must the public go to a movie theater to see it? Not everyone across the globe has access to a movie theater. And if materialism is the enemy of green, why are people expected to pay ten dollars in order to learn what needs to be done to save the planet from the consequences of our materialism? Sure, we can catch it on DVD, but if it’s truly the 11th hour, can we afford to wait until Netflix delivers it to our house?

Why isn’t this movie screening in movie theaters for free? Or on television? Why aren’t we having an enormous global multicast like they did with “We Are The World” in the 1980s?

Has going green once again been trumped by going for the green?

To view the the film’s trailer, click here.

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