Hollywood Hotties Love Gypsy 05

hayden panettiere gypsy 05 rose hoodie Hollywood Hotties Love Gypsy 05

What’s ratcheting up more celebrity column inches than all of Brit’s Starbucks visits combined? Gypsy 05. No, this isn’t North America’s answer to Shakira — it’s the Hollywood-based high-end T-shirt line that’s stylish, organic and on the backs of Tinseltown’s hottest celebrities. From Hayden to Halle, Tori to Teri, Angelina, Kristen to Christina, A-listers can’t get enough of brother and sister duo Osi & Doten Shoham’s, gorgeous fabrics and drool-worthy designs.

hayden panettiere gypsy 05 organic rose hoodie Hollywood Hotties Love Gypsy 05

In fact, demand for Gypsy’s Organic Long Dress has been so overwhelming that it’s currently available only on pre-sale. Made from 100% organic cotton, this floor length maxi dress with deep V and twisted straps can be found in the wardrobes of Lauren Conrad, Christina Aguilera, Hayden Panettiere and Denise Richards. For $100, it’s the steal of the century. Likewise the “Good Planets are Hard to Find” tee made with organic fabrics, natural dyes and a 90% organic printing process is a must-buy. Just ask Courteney Cox, Tori Spelling and Jennifer Aniston. Or how about the French Rose Hoodie favored by Hayden Panettiere and made from bamboo, low impact dyes and their signature printing process?

The rest of the collection is equally fabulous, consisting of dresses, long sleeve tees, short sleeve tees, hoodies, tanks and pants. So, if you want to make out like a starlet, unleash the Gypsy in you.

gypsy 05 organic maxi dress Hollywood Hotties Love Gypsy 05

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